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Note that the Landlord Tenant Handbook in Effingham County is not recognized the Georgia ordinance posted in there are not considered laws the police won't file police report the courts won't deliver warrants for landlords who break the law and the landlords can go into court and say that they've shut off of your utilities forcing you out of your house against the Landlord Tenant Handbook in the county ordinance in the state ordinance of ...

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Live your life!

There are so many people and problems in this world that will force you to quit. If you give in and quit your dreams, you will be a loser and no one in this world cares about a loser.
So, no matter how good or bad the situation may be. If you are someone who wants to live life and take over the burden of 100 kilograms on your shoulders while you are running ...

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Giving back

The 14U Firecrackers/Pinette Travel Softball team decided to “adopt” two families with a total of 6 kids ranging in age from 11 months to 16 years old for Christmas. The team wanted to give back to the community that has supported it over and over again.

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Holiday Special--3 rooms for only $79.00

Fine Carpet & Flooring Services

Advanced Steam Cleaning & Sanitizing Carpet-Tile-Upholstery

BEWARE of other carpet cleaning
companies that run great "deals",
then raise the price when they are

We have honest pricing, and we do
not try to up-sell the job. We are in
and out with little disruption to your
busy schedule


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For the last 2 years I maintain an address in Springfield Georgia where my mother and I lived my car is registered here at this address that I'm living in my bank accounts I will get my mail I think I could be and establish residence in the city of Springfield for two years now my problem comes in when the 1st of October my mother decides to leave and I agree to take over ...

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