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Has anyone seen the size of #53 on the Mustang team? Who else has a 6'7" 295lb Left Tackle to protect the quarterback? Not enough coverage on this kid is all I can say. Look forward to watching him Friday night against Brunswick.

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Insurance for roof damage

Many homeowners have asked the question, “Is it worth filing a claim with my insurance company to get my roof repaired?” There’s no one easy answer to this question. The truth is it depends on several factors.

What will the insurance company cover?
Before filing a claim with your insurance company, you should read over your policy carefully to see how much the insurance company will cover and how much you ...

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Could AI develop spirituality?

Artificial Intelligence theorists spend a good deal of time thinking about how the creation of true artificial intelligence would affect society. Some brilliant minds, like Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates are rather pessimistic about what a future with artificial intelligence could mean for humankind. Others are hoping for the best. Both sides predict an event called The Singularity.

The Singularity
The Singularity is a term artificial intelligence theorists use to describe ...

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A lasting memory of Coach Frank Kerns (Staff Blog)

I was barely 22 years old, still plodding away toward graduation and covering the Georgia Southern College men’s basketball team. At the time, they were under the guidance of the acerbic Frank Kerns, possessor of a deep voice that often ripped out profanities like a .50-caliber machine gun on full burst. But he could coach. He had Mike Backus to do the recruiting — and he was a top-notch recruiter — but Kerns had few ...

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Currington to take the field in Atlanta (Staff Blog)

Effingham County’s own Billy Currington will be playing at Turner Field next week. His songs, that is. Currington will perform following the Braves-Marlins game Aug. 6, with first pitch scheduled for 7 p.m. Admission to the postgame concert is included with the ticket price, and tickets are available from $8-$78. Seating for the concert is general admission. You can get a pit pass for $20, in addition to the game ticket, to get up close, ...

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