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Re-imagining your lifestyle as an empty-nester

For adult children, taking the step of moving out of the house, whether it’s to go away to college, get married, or start a career of their own, is a little nerve-racking, but mostly exciting. It’s a new adventure and one most kids take on eagerly as they finally achieve that independence they’ve been craving.

Move-out day has a different meaning for parents, however, especially when the last child moves away. Yes, ...

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Family Promise 2015 Bed Race to End Homelessness

This past Saturday we held the 2nd Annual Bed Race to End Homelessness in Effingham. I would like to thank the Community for helping make this event a successful one. There were 20 teams that raced to take home the title of Fastest Finish, only one can win. Gateway team "American Hot Rod" took that 27.71 seconds. Please read this weeks edition of the Effingham Herald for a list of all the winners.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Spring Cleaning

Believe it or not, spring is almost here and that means it is time to tackle spring cleaning. Even if it is still winter weather outside, Good Housekeeping suggests that spring cleaning should actually take place before spring arrives. Let’s face it, once the warmer weather hits, the last thing we want to do is spend all of our time inside cleaning. Avoid being bogged down by the stress of spring cleaning and enjoy the ...

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Port Wentworth Police

Officer Clifton C.E. gave me a citation for impeding one car from passing me last night at 100 AM in the morning, on my way home from work. I told him that car was tailgating for a long time and hope by allowing the car to go around me, by going less than 20mph in the 45mph zone. The light just turn green at the Hwy 21 and I95 S on ramp. I was in ...

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The truth about how to be great at content mktg

The truth about how to be great at content marketing

There are a lot of cure-alls circling the web all claiming to be able to solve all your content marketing problems. This isn’t one of those articles. The truth is, the key to content marketing success depends a lot on the nature of your product and your target audience.

For some products, content marketing will be your marketing bread ...

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