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Precisely why Accomplish Many of us Keep Extra fat

As well as were standing prior to hand mirror along with checked out your pudge on the system along with thought about precisely why our systems usually keep extra fat initially? Have you thought to create additional muscles, by way of example? Precisely why accomplish many of us are inclined to formulate extra fat all-around each of our biceps, bellies, thighs and leg, hips along with rear? What on earth is the intention of this ...

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It's not Drivin' n Drinkin' (Staff Blog)

Having attended a show recently, the band’s lead singer closed their set with his usual mantra of “tip your bartender, tip your friends, tip your mom and remember, life is too cheap to drink short wine,” and then advised the crowd to do this: “If you’ve been drinking, call a cab. It’s four thousand dollars cheaper.” Rock stars and rock singers can take the stage as their own personal platform on occasion, endorsing or urging ...

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The voices of summer (Staff Blog)

I don’t watch or listen to the Braves as much as I once did. When they were bad, perhaps the worst franchise in all of baseball and maybe all of professional sports, nothing could sway me from the TV, thanks to the trio of Ernie Johnson Sr., Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren. There were a host of others filling the fourth chair through the years — Darrel Chaney, Billy Sample, John Sterling, i.e. — ...

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DOT wants to hear from you (Staff Blog)

The state Department of Transportation wants your input on what you want out of transportation and how you think it should be funded.The DOT has a survey on its Web site — — and there, the public is asked about transportation habits and expenses and what the Georgia DOT should do to meet current and future transportation needs. “I want to be able to provide this input — direct from our constituents and those who ...

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A lull in the storm (Staff Blog)

There is now a lull in the storm, as television viewers have been spared the onslaught of campaign commercials for the last few days. There are a little more than three months before the November general election, and campaigns are regrouping and restocking the war chests after a lengthy stretch between the primary and the runoff. And as the time dragged on, the campaign ads seemed to get nastier and nastier. We keep hearing how ...

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