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11 Computer Tips to know!
Last comment by jimmywads 5 years, 6 months ago.

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I used to think when my husband would constantly tell me to defrag my computer that it would not make any difference in the performance, but it does. I soon took his advice and I found out by not doing so caused my computer to slow down and perform incorrectly. I learned that doing simple maintenance were important to manage my computers performance and so would avoid an expensive trip to the repair shop. Here are some major tips to maintain your computer whether you're a heavy or average user.

1. Always defrag your computer when you have a chance. Your system eventually gets clouded with unnecessary data and a constant run of this program will keep your system in check. Once a week is preferable but for heavy users who are constantly on the net, and I would recommend every two to three days. Personally, I use the free version of Auslogics Disk Defrag.

2. Make sure that you have antivirus program working for you when using your computer. If you don't you leave your computer unprotected from viruses, which can result in corrupt files along with missing memory or both. A virus can be deadly to your hard drive, which could entail losing your computer and eventually having to buy another one. Both AVG and Avast offer really good free versions of their software.

3. Don't smoke around your computer or tower. The tower collects dust inside, and smoke from cigarettes can gum up the components. If you are familiar with your tower and can access the interior, check your components for dust and other particles that add up overtime and clean them with a light dust brush or special vacuum made for computer components. Clean them individually but make sure to turn off your tower first!

4. Tip four, is the most important information for continued maintenance and productively for your computer. Never download games, videos and questionable information on to your computer. My husband would help fix other people’s computers that were in dire need of repair, and find tons of unwanted data that would slow down the computer, which eventually caused their computers to not work properly. The same goes for downloading information from coupon websites. Try to make sure the coupons are printable online. If you download these coupon programs onto your computer, it can slow your computer down, which could eventually cause your computer to malfunction. These programs are also extremely evasive and track what you like to shop for when you go on the internet so if you already have this on your computer, have it removed immediately!

5. Make sure that when you are buying programs, printers and faxes as add ons for your computer, they are compatible to the computer and its programs. On one occasion, we've purchased a printer and found out later that the printer was incompatible with the program . If the add ons are not compatible with the computer, they will not work for you, for sure!

6. Cheap printers, faxes, etc. are not always a better way to save money and may cost you more money in the end down the road. So use care when purchasing those add ons to your computer. You will find these companies are trying to weed out there inventory by selling their products at a "can't believe it price" because these products they have in stock are being discontinued. Then your stuck with parts that you can’t use like expensive ink cartridges that become obsolete. In turn the only way you can your these cartridges is buy a more expensive add on printer.

7. Always turn off your computer during a storm. If you have a power strip use this as a plug in device however, it is not always 100%. Turn off the computer when your finished. Your computer needs a rest too!

8. More data on your hard drive means A slower computer. Try avoiding this by clearing out unwanted data with a C Cleaner program or save additional data off line such as pictures and videos. You will find your computer run more efficiency and a lot more faster too. We use Ccleaner.

9. Understand that all computer manufacturers do not make interchangeable parts for their computers You will find these particular manufacturers components are usually more expensive and may be covered under warranty but after the fact then what you have is Oh, well. Here is an excellent place for information on the subject. http://www.easydesksoftware.com/news/news21.htm.

10. Sometimes you find your computer may not being working probably and here is an opportunity to make sure that all your plug ins are connected. I have found occasionally that a cable would become unplugged or a screen turned off. Sometimes a computer problem is very small and not long ago I took my the computer to the repair service and found out the video card was only loose. What a relief at the time when I believed the hard drive had gone under.

11 . Try not to let others use your computer. You may know all about the downloading taboos, but others may not. Children and teenagers are notorious for this and its best that they are informed about the dos and don'ts of downloading unwanted material. So it is best to make you, the official user for your computer to insure its longevity.

Computers don't last forever and the older your computer the possibilities are great that they do not have the memory capabilities that newer computers do. If you computer is an old Jelopy and and it not working efficiently, it's probably time to get a new computer. Make sure that when buying a new computer you understand its memory capabilities. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random-access_memory

If you have any questions are concerns about computer problems please contact The Lady In Black or AKD Digital Solutions. He really is the IT Guru of all this and his suggestions have helped me greatly in keeping my computer up to par!


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jimmywads commented on Thursday, Nov 29, 2012 at 00:23 AM

"My computer also had many viruses and I didn't know what to do. I then found http://yourpcoptimizers.com and it helped me remove all of my viruses."

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