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The Grinch that stole christmas

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I am a single mother of 4. I recently got evected from my home due to not being able to pay the rent because my husband left me. I have a very good job and do not get state assistance, I just do not quit make enough to pay the rent at this house. I knew i didnt make enough and I contacted the landlord and told them that since my lease was up in Oct. anyway I would be moving out. Well by law he still had to evict me which I understood. I moved me and my 4 children in with my mom which is very cramped I explained to the landlord my situation and on the phone he was fine with everything and said he understood. Well we still had to go to court and the judge awarded him 2 months rent wich i can not pay I told him he has my security deposit to cover 1 of them but by law they cant use that and I also have to sue him to get that back. So I got a letter from my employer today stating that he has garnished my paycheck wich will start right away. so now this man that has over 100 rental properies is Effingham county gets 25% of my check till this is paid and it is 4 weeks till christmas. Did it even cross his mind that my 4 children would love something for christmas i'm sure it didnt. Did it even cross his mind to maybe go after my ex husband who was also on the lease no because my job was easier to get to. So as for the spirit of christmas I think it does not exist anymore and due to the fact that the state says I make to much money for assistance and the government takes so much in taxes and I have to have health insurance for my kids my check is now very very little so my kids will not have a christmas and we will continue to live in 1 room at my mothers till I can manage to get him paid off and save some money. I hope everyone has a very merry christmas and a Happy New Year

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