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Laws that are being broken by DFACS

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My questions and statements are true to the best of my ability and knowledge.

Effingham DFACS has broken several laws.

1st...A parent comes to get thier child and done this within a 18 hour period from the moment child was taken with proof of parentage. And was denied.

2nd...add parent to case file when said parent was not part of the reason why the children were taken...this is entrapment

3rd...perjury to the judge on case by stating "We don't know him" this is a personal statement. said parent doesn't live in effingham county.

4th...Stating that this said parent has no rights and child will be permamently taken away from this said parent.

5th...Making said parent to go through a case plan, when said parent isn't part of the case, said parent was forced into being on the case in order to know what is going on with their child in the case.

6th...the children in question was appointed an attorney through DFACS, but Family members felt that Effingham county was breaking laws, and was able to get a new Attorney for the children through the governors office But Effingham County DFACS will not comply to this.

And there is so much more. Like discrimination, and harassment.

my question is why is DFACS aloud to break the laws...constitional, state, and federal laws?

Why are they abusing the system? is it to keep the children in the county so they can get their funding or even more funding?

I have always liked DFACS for protecting children, but I have noticed more and more of the laws that they break. They violate the parents. They teach the children that their parents don't love them or want them, even though dfacs doesn't say it to the children, but the children are thinking this and blame themselves...isn't this mental abuse on the part of DFACS? Is this why there are so many crimes done by children?

Protecting children is very important, but not by breaking the laws to do so. No matter how much education you get to become a social worker doesn't make you an expert on abuse. The survivors of abuse are the true experts. This survivors that has came out of their experience just fine are the true experts. And they don't need an degree or diploma stating that they are experts or to have a career in social work. They see signs that no other sees;not even the law enforcements or DFACS can see these signs. Because of this-how can they even be experts on this subject of abuse. Most, if not all, social workers has never experienced any form of abuse at all. Which means they have no idea what it truly means to be abused and all they are doing is just GUESSING at it.

now tell me why are they allowed to break the laws?

Now don't get me wrong, there are cases that are true beyond believe that is child abuse...and DFACS may not break the laws there. But there are cases out there in which DFACS does break the laws and someone needs to open the eyes of the public to stand up and stop them from abusing the system. Social Workers and attorney of which they are the plainiff knows how to manipulate the courts to get the courts to do as they want the courts to act. So, how to stop the manipulation and the abuse of breaking the laws?

Oh, The phipps child in the herald on or about november 20th 2012 about unknown father is a lie. DFACS has been shown proof that the father's parentage to the child with documents of a DNA results within hours of the child being taken by DFACS. DFACS on this one case is questionable.

These are facts to the best of my knowledge and understanding by families having to deal with Effingham DFACS. Which also reflects to all counties that may have to deal with this county is now in question. Some cases may not be true, but some are true. The question is for the public to answer...Can we allow this to happen, and to continue to happen? Causing more and more victims and criminals?

Thank you for your time. Please reply if you like. but I will not keep up with this blog. This blog is to get the public to open their eyes and the proper authorities to step in and do some cleaning up of this department across the state and maybe to other states.

Again thank you for your time. Good day

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