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Today I woke up and went to school like any other day. I came home and went to get my hair done off of Sandhill road. It was a pretty nice day until I ran into cop number one and let me mind you, I am one of those people who go the speed limit and obey the law. I am respectful to everyone and really believe you should treat others how you would like to be treated. Well, there was a wreck on bluejay and the midland road four way. I slowed down and turned on my blinker to go right, hoping that the cop would let me go that way since I lived that way.I rolled down my window to talk to him and tell him I lived that way hoping I could go and before I got anything out of my mouth the cop says "now what makes you think you can go that way". I felt like it was very rude. I felt like he talked to me like I was a child. I understand that I am not that old but I am not perfect and I see no means in talking to me like that. I kept going and went around to my house thinking this was the last encounter with a rude cop for the rest of the day, but I was wrong. Later on in the night, I went with my friend to the gas station and on our way back we had our worse experience ever with an Effingham county cop. There was another wreck at courthouse and midland and once again we came up to it. I understand it was a bad wreck and that there were possibly injuries. I don't know what happened but I know things were probably tense. The cop was directing traffic through so we pulled up closer. There were lights everywhere and it was really hard to see. Every cop had their lights on, an ambulance was flashing and a fire truck as well. As we came up to the cop we seen his flashlight swing and almost swore he was guiding us to go around, so we did. We were only at about a 5mph rate let me mind you. We went in the left lane to go around all of the fire trucks and police cars and as soon as we got to the cop, he stepped out in front of us and started yelling at us like we were dirt on the ground. It was something like "why the hell would you go that damn way when I didn't guide you to go around!" We both were trying to tell him we thought he was waving us to go around but he wasn't hearing it! It was a big misunderstanding, but before we could explain ourselves we were completely reamed out. I have never in my life dealt with such an ignorant and mean human being. If the roles were switched, I would never talk to someone like that. When you are doing your job you should always be professional. I understand now why some people go to jail over little things. It is because some cops do and say whatever they want, and when they talk to someone like they are a child or stupid, they get angry. I'm a normal person just like both cops that I dealt with today! They are no better than me and I think I deserve the same respect I give them. Not all cops are like that, but its the few like that, that put a bad taste in people's mouths. I respect and greatly appreciate the work of the Effingham county police but some cops need a lesson on how to treat others and an ego adjustment! Thank you to those cops who are understanding and fair. I appreciate you more than you know after my day today!

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