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3 Amazing Kitchen Cleaning Hacks You Must Apply

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Kitchen is the place that’s mostly considered to be the heart of the home. It’s surely the perfect spot for family’s get to gather in an amazing way like chatting while cutting vegetables, kids jumping over the dishes right after they are prepared and creating quite alike memorable moments. Besides all the good things about kitchen, one can never deny that kitchen happens to be the nucleus for nasty bacteria.

Particularly, there few major things in your kitchen that badly needs to be cleaned. We have come up with some really effective Kitchen cleaning tips that will help you clean the streaks and speck of dirt in your kitchen quickly. So let’s do this;

Start with the Sink:

Sinks mostly happen to be the only rinsing hub for all things from dirty hands to all type of meat and vegetables. Surely, it would have tons of dirt and nasty bacteria settled over that might have sworn not to move from there at any cost. Since we are good enough to help you get rid of the stubborn dirt from your sink generously, let’s grab a spray bottle first. Prepare an effective DIY solution with one cup of water, squirt of dish soap and a half cup of rubbing alcohol.
Just spray it all around your sink, this way you will get your sink as soapy wet. Then are supposed to sprinkle the baking soda and leave is for 3-4 minutes. Time to grab the sponge now! Use it all around your sink properly so that there are no further stains left. Simply then rinse the sponge and sink with hot water and dry it with the help of microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Counter Tops:

When is the last time you scratched your head about cleaning the counter tops? Almost every day! This may sound quite weird but you happen to deal with bazillion of bacteria while preparing food on the counter tops. Those bacteria are more likely to potentially shift over other things you prepare and even on your hands.

In order to clean it, you are supposed to use all-purpose disinfectant spray and a microfiber cloth. Just spray the entire counter properly and leave it for 5 minutes. Now just sprinkle the baking soda over tough stains and leave it again for 3 minutes. Now you can use the microfiber cloth to clean. The ever-green S pattern will work absolutely fine in that case. Make sure you carry a sponge as well that you can use to rub of the stains where you just sprinkled the baking soda. Keep up with the S-Pattern of cleaning and you will end up with a clean, swanky and elegant counter top.

Garbage-Can Cleaning

Even after tons of attempts, you might not have found the Garbage Can “Fragrance” completely go away. Try out one super easy hack that can get you rid of the garbage can smell. Let the All-Purpose Disinfectant Spray do its thing once again. Just spray it all over your garbage-can then just spring over some baking soda as well and leave it for about 10 Minutes. Baking soda has an extra deodorizing power but make sure that it drips in wet. After this, just rinse it well only with the warm water and dry it using the paper towel just by wiping it. And Voila! You are done with; no more smell left in your Garbage-Can.

Cleaning the kitchen was never that much easy. Just check out some amazing tips to clean your kitchen in a perfect way.

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