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Wealthy Parents Hired Freelancer for Their Child

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It goes without saying that parents wish only the best for their children. They try to create the most reliable and potentially high chances for their kids to have the best opportunities in life. Every parent tries as hard as it is possible. Of course, the wealthy parents have more possibilities to keep their kids from being stressed and productive at the same time. The matter involves the educational part of children’s lives.

One of the most common things used by parents is the employment of expensive and certificated tutors. According to The New York Post, A 27-year-old Brooklynite with an Ivy League graduate degree works as a freelancer and writes 500-assignments for a 13-year-old Park Slope and receives $350 per paper

Some people may think that such method is ineffective and does not benefit to the self-development of the kid. Nevertheless, the father is sure that home assignments are not necessary at ll. They only take away a lot of time and lead to a great stress.

A mother from New Jersey said that she hired a freelancer for $1,500 do physics homework in her son’s stead. She was afraid that her son would experience difficulties with this subject, which would undermine his stellar GPA. However, the money was thrown in the trash. She made his son complete the assignment on his own and he received grade C.

For many people, this is unfair and unethical. Such manner of fulfilling home assignments is a pure cheating. This method seems to be an imitation of a real education, according to popular thoughts of many people.
People with more money have more possibilities and this should not be permitted at any school, college or university. However, the cases of this “cheating” are pretty popular in the U.S.A. as well as in many other countries of the world.

Probably, the officials have to do something to prevent similar cases. Notwithstanding, it is difficult to understand when a student writes the paper on his/her own or not.
No matter what, such type of “studying” should not be accepted and identical occasions have to be stopped. Read more about online assignment help and similar news on GradeScout.

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