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Appearing for the examination is perhaps the most difficult task for students. And it is just not the preparation but all the stress that it entails. So can it be tuned for the big day? Or are students destined to feel like every time they sit for a test or appear for an examination? No there is a workaround to this.

Happy now are you, hearing this? So without further ado let me share some tips on how you can train your mind and relieve the stress before you sit for that next test/exam.

1. Practice brain exercises
The human brain is a muscle which needs to be in shape just like your other parts of the body require. What do you do to keep the other parts in shape? You exercise, you hit the gym to build muscle and keep it running, so they don’t cramp.

Similarly, your brain needs to exercise, and one way to achieve this is by playing engaging games such as Sudoku, crosswords and the likes thereof. There is a multitude of other apps for Android and iOS where you can download brain stimulants (exercises/games) to keep that supercomputer running.

Once you have your brain functioning in control, you can remember things for your test/exam and perform better when writing your exam. Why? Your brain is not tired; it is not at rest rather it is active and helps you recall what you have prepared and studied when the going gets tough (read test).

2. Read while walking
Walking burn fats but this article is not about telling you on how to reduce weight, is it? So, yes, you guessed it. Walking keeps the brain active. Therefore, to avoid being stressed out on the day of your exam/test, make sure you have incorporated walking in your schedule, and I mean a lot of it.

It is said according to one study that when you walk, say, for 20 minutes it serves as an exercise for your brain and thus helps your memory. Once the memory is improved you can remember better and again, perform better in your exam.

3. Pretend you are a teacher
Okay, don’t worry you don’t have to act like one but try as you were the teacher and read contents for your exam in such a manner as any teacher would. Read aloud, in other words. Dissertation writing in the UK can be accessed online. This enables you to hear everything clearly whatever you are reading.

From the exam’s perspective, this is a great habit to cement your brain with the contents that you have prepared for the writing. When you commence attempting the exam, things will automatically come to you that were registered in your subconscious when you were reading the course contents out loud.

4. Multitasking – destroyer of memory
It takes your brain eight seconds according to one research, for it to process information absorbed. That is one amazing stat about our brain but does it apply even when we are engaged in multitasking? So, therefore, do not let your mind get caught into anything else when you are studying for your exams.

I know, multitasking is painted as something which only lucky people can do. But believe you me, it is a ton of BS. No one possesses superhuman strength. Those who say they do are lying. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates had their concentrations all over the place which led to Facebook and Microsoft, respectively?

No sir, they were always focused on their favorite niche – technology, that was at each of their time evolving in a certain way and they capitalized where they subsequently scored too. Thus, focus alone on your exam/test, and you will not have a thing to worry about when you sit on it, the next day.

5. Sleep
Who doesn’t likes to sleep? I mean for most of us sleep is our favorite activity. But when we are preparing for our exams we tend to get less and less of it. Have you ever wondered, why on a typical day you feel fresh and ready to take on the world as opposed to the day of the exam where you fill like loathing, everyone?

It is because in the former case you have had a good night’s sleep and in the latter, not so much. Therefore, in order for the memory to serve you when you sit for your exam, it is imperative that you have given your brain enough rest. It can go on and on without rest, remember it is a machine?

Study as much as you can but then set aside time for a healthy sleep which is equally essential for you to feel relieved on the exam day. Else, you will be sleepy all through your test/exam and whatever you even learned (the questions you were sure of you would ace), would escape your mind.

Above are few of the methods that can help you achieve calm during the examination. In the process, you can train your brain to become stronger and healthy. What other ways have missed, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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Once your brain is running in control, you can remember the exam and perform better when you write the exam. The human brain is a muscle that needs the same shape as the rest of your body.

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