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How to apply for Grenada passport?

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Grenada is an example of nature’s beauty. Grenada is one of the most beautiful places on Earth which attracts travelers and investors both. Travels find the most attractive gifts of nature there in Grenada like mountain, waterfalls and a perfect island having them all while on the other hand an investor finds the opportunities there due to the Grenada policy for citizenship by investment. Owing to the said benefits and advantages the worth of Grenada Passport is increasing very fast.

Grenada Passport has become the aim of many people who want to settle in North America. The most interesting thing is that once you got the Grenada Passport, around hundred (100) countries become Visa-Free for you and due to the recent mutual business plan between Grenada government and United States of America, you can also settle there in America.

All applications which are submitted for the Grenadian Passport (Citizenship) are regulated by the act of 1979.
You will need to submit application form for Grenada passport with the following necessary Documents.

 Bank statement
 Reference letter from a trustworthy person from your country of residence
 Character / Police Certificate
 4 certified passport photographs
 1 original along with 1 copy of your marriage certificate
 1 original along with 1 copy of your birth certificate
 1 original along with 1 copy of your spouse’s birth certificate
 Death certificate of your spouse if he/she has passed away

Countless Investment options
Real Estate Investment opportunities are very attractive for the investors. The Grenada government is diverting its economy from agriculture-dominant to service-dominant which has opened a gateway for the investors to invest in real estate projects.

Splendid mountains in Grenada offer a perfect spot for travelers to stay and enjoy the beauty of nature. Many resorts render their services and many investors are investing in tourism as well which is paying them back more than their expectation.

Traveling to other countries
Your Grenada passport helps you maintain your traveling record best than ever. If you have Grenada passport, you can travel to around hundred countries.

Dual Nationality is allowed
You do not need to surrender your current nationality to apply for Grenada Passport. You can have dual nationality means you can get the Grenada passport and start your journey of life there and also have the previous nationality and can go back to meet your beloved anytime.

None can deny the fact that Grenada passport is gaining the much importance among the people who desire to settle in North America or invest into a country where they could reside and earn according to their wish and desire. Fortunately the procedure of applying for Grenada Passport is easy and opportunities are countless. This combination makes Grenada a perfect place to live in and enjoy the life. The future planning of Grenada government seems so good that many economists have predicted the best future of this state in coming two decades.

If you want to settle in North America or invest into a country, applying for Grenada Passport is easy and opportunities are countless.

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