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Watch Craftmanship - the Difference Between a $5 W

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When you are contemplating on buying a watch for yourself, an obvious question arises in your mind- should you go in for the $5 watch or should you buy a $500 watch? Are you buying a watch for functionality or are you spending money on the name? These are some of the primary questions that you need to answer when you are buying a watch for yourself- it is here that watch craftsmanship plays a vital role!

Know watch craftsmanship and understand how timepieces are priced
Many men are not aware of the fact that watch craftsmanship plays a significant role in determining the price of the watch. The following are some of the key components of your watch and they differ as per the artistry of the artist who is styling and designing your watch-

1.Crystal - This is the glass that protects and covers the dial of the watch

2.Face - The face of the watch is the dial where you will find the hour, minutes and seconds hands.

3.Clasp - This is part of the watch band or bracelet that locks the watch and keeps it in place on your wrist

4.Case - This is the metal case where your watch is enclosed

5.Bezel -This is the rim that holds the crystal of your watch

6.Bracelet - You will find metal links that are attached to each other to the case of the watch

7.Band - The band of the watch is made of rubber, faux leather, polyurethane, cloth arm strap and leather – it is attached to the case of the watch and fits around your wrist.

When you are buying your watch, check the craftsmanship of the above components and their quality. The quality of these elements will determine the price of the timepiece.

Difference between a $5 and $500 watch

Given below are the key differences you should note:

1.The $5 watch is produced on a mass scale whereas the $500 is meticulously designed then manufactured.

2.Cheap watches will have quartz movements whereas expensive ones will have both quartz or mechanical movements

3.Glass is cheap in quality for a $5 watch whereas when you are buying a $500 watch, the glass has excellent quality

4.Cheap watches have individual ticks whereas their expensive counterparts boast of a sweeping movement

5.Cheap watches have a ticking sound whereas expensive ones are silent.

Therefore, when you are about to buy a watch online, it is important for you to keep the above-listed components and differences in mind. You will notice that expensive watches have a unique style and appeal. They make you stand out in a crowd and grab the limelight.

If you want to create a positive impression, it is recommended that you buy a watch that meets and matches your social and work circle. It should not be very cheap. You should always buy your watch from reputed brands as they will last longer and help you create an individual style statement with success!

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