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Calc Fluor And Mag Phos - Two Revolutionary Invent
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Mag Phos or chemically Magnesium Phosphate is more popularly known as the homeopathic aspirin. This remedy is extremely effective if crushed in warm water and then sipped. This medicine is extremely useful for neuralgia of the face and toothache with excessive pain. This medicine is also useful to combat with the cramping pain associated with menstruation. Some common uses of the medicine are treating abdominal pain, growing pains, colic pins, menstrual cramps, muscle spasms and cramping, toothache and headache related to neuralgia, sciatica and writer’s cramps.
The general symptoms of the above mentioned problems are the pains getting worse at night, excessive cramping pains, pains coming in waves, starting of restlessness, getting worse if touched and a lot more. Mentally, a patient gets more impulsive and outgoing. They also become very sensitive and complain about extreme pain. 1-2 pills of the medicine, if taken under the tongue or taken in dissolved state every 30-60 minutes, provide a lot of relief to the sufferers. Mag Phos medicines should not be taken within 15 minutes of eating or drinking. Pregnant or breast feeding mothers and people with reported medical symptoms should not take this medicine without consulting a doctor. This medicine is especially suited to languid, tired and exhausted patients. It can be administered to patients complaining of gas problems, belching and indigestion. After taking in this medicine, the patients have reported a peaceful night’s sleep, devoid the pain they were suffering from.

Calc Fluor is Calcium Fluoride, a critical cell salt. Scheussler, a famous pharmacist gave the world, this medicine which is responsible for elasticity in veins, skin, muscles and other tissues. It is capable of helping the body get relief from inflexibility or laxness in tissues. If one is struggling to get back to a normal life from injury, pregnancy, aging, growing or illness, this is the perfect medicine for them. It helps in clearing the head from cold and accumulation of coughs. Or yellow green mucus, which is responsible for sinusitis. One having barking coughs can also take the help of this medicine. Backache, lumbago, joint pains, weak teeth and repeated sprains are treated well by Calc Fluor. Some of the following are conditions treated by this medicine:

Mind: Depression

Head: Blood tumors in new born, hard excrescences on the scalp, ulcers on the scalp with callous and hard edges.
Eyes: Spots on the cornea, conjunctivitis and cataract.
Ears: Calcareous deposits on tympanum, sclerosis of ossicula and petrous portion of temporal bone.

Nose: Cold in the head, dry coryza, copious, offensive, thick, greenish, lumpy, yellow nasal catarrh, atropic rhinitis.

Face: Hard swelling on the cheek with pain or toothache, hard swelling on jaw bone.

Mouth: Gum boil, cracked appearance of the tongue with or without pain, induration of the tongue and hardening after inflammation, unnatural looseness of teeth, loose teeth in their sockets.

Throat: Follicular sore throat, plugs of mucus forming in the crypts of the tonsils, pain and burning in throat.
Stomach: Vomiting in case of infants, food not getting digested, flatulency and weakness.

Source: https://sites.google.com/site/cellsaltsandtissuesalts/calc-fluor-and-mag-phos---two-revolutionary-inventions

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