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Essential Requirements for both Mastering and Mixi

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A great effect on mixing and mastering of the tracks can bring about lots of changes. These both techniques can transfer the sound from “OK” to “Amazing”. Here, in this article, we will go through the essential tricks for making the process of mastering and mixing wonderfully. You will get to know about the sound sources, then the mixing and lastly, you will know about the mastering.

What Listening Really Matters?
Before we begin talking about the mastering and mixing, you have to be sure that you are having good sound quality sources that you can listen. Yes, I am talking about the 20Hz to 20 KHz. This is called the full frequency spectrum that our human ear can hear. The sound that falls under this frequency is audible, including those highs that can boost up your mind or also the lows that can please your minds as well. After all, no one can want to paint in the dark. We know that some of the monitors are costly, but luckily there are headphones available that give the full frequency range, even they are available on few hundred bucks only.

First- Know About the Mixing
Here are some of the important tips that are required for good mixing. A slight change in all these factors can put the huge impact on the quality of the sound.

1. Always stay organized while you are mixing the sound. Labelling, colouring and naming each of the things properly is very important as it is saving time as most of the big projects mess up together. Do not delay the work.

2. Order the plugins in the right manner. The first step is to apply the EQ, then compress, add reverb and delay. The EQ is the first step. Never clip the sound, if you want to hear the sound louder, turn the speaker volume high. Clipping will affect the dynamics and cause distortion.

3. Layering the drums is also important. In most of the times, one snare does not matter, but 5 snares really matter. It is better to make the wide mix that sounds like real stereo. When you are dealing with vocals, it should always be good. Other essential tips in mixing includes emphasize on the drop, clearing the mixing, compressing, make a final checking and send for mastering.

Here Comes the Mastering-
The process of mastering is the application of the final touches before releasing the tracks in the market. While mastering music, you can make the tracks clear, loud and without any sort of mistakes. Some of the essential tips include using EQ, exciter, stereo widener and so on. The stereo widener is also used for widening the mix. The final step is maximizing. This helps in reducing the difference in the peak level and also the RMS level. To learn more about the process of mastering and mixing, you can check further the various techniques and tricks.

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