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Everything You Wanted To Know About Base Oil Group

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Almost every lubricant that is used in varied plants these days mostly started off as base oil. It is the API or American Petroleum Institute that has categorized these base oils in five different categories. The initial three groups are basically refined from the petroleum crude oil. The fourth group comprises synthetic oils whereas Group V comprises the other base oils that are not included in rest other groups starting from I-IV. Prior to the additives are included in the mixture, the lubricating oils usually start off as one of these five groups. Are you keen to more about these five groups of lubricating oils in details? If yes, take a look at the points given below:

Group I
The base oils in Group I are mostly classified as below 90% saturates as well above 0.03% sulfur. These oils have viscosity index ranging from 80-120. The temperature of these oils ranges between 32-150 degrees F. The oils in this group are mostly solvent-refined, considered as the simpler refining procedure. Hence, they are considered as the cheapest oils in today’s market.

Group II
These base oils are above 90% saturates and below 0.03% sulfur with the viscosity index ranging from 80-120. The oils belonging to this group are usually manufactured by the process named hydrocracking, complex than the procedure used for the Group I oils. Hydrocarbon molecules of such oils are extremely saturated. The base oils belonging to Group II have great antioxidation properties. They also comprise clearer cost and color in comparison to the Group I oils.

Group III
These oils are higher than 90% saturates and less than 0.03% percent sulfur. The group III base oil has the viscosity index that is above 120. Such oils are even more refined than the oils that Group I and II comprises. These oils are hydrocracked severely in order to achieve the oils of purer base.

Group IV
The base oils that belong to this Group are poly alpha olefins. Such synthetic oils are usually made through the procedure known as synthesizing. These procedures have broader range of temperature and are ideal for usage in high heat as well as cold conditions.

Group V
Group V comprises other base oils like phosphate ester, silicone, polyester, poly-alkylene glycol etc. Such base oils are mostly mixed with some other base stocks in order to enhance the properties of the oil. Esters are the common base oils that belong to Group V and are used in varied lubricant formulations in order to enhance the properties of existing base oil.

Certain companies have come up these days that provide base oils belonging to all five groups as per the requirements of customers. If you’re looking forward to buy these oils of great quality at best rates, feel free to rely on a reputable company.

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