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Steel and its various types
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The steel sales business is incomparably best than other. With production being in huge volumes and excessive business competition running in the market, one should have good knowledge on top of everything to run it successfully. With handful amount of money and jobs on the line most things depends on the steel sales team. The company must ensure that it has a good sales team with a well defined structure to ensure good sales.

Steel and its Types

Steel is the combination of carbon plus the minute level of impurities and alloying elements which are present in the steel and helps one to find out which type of steel is it.

In general the carbon content varies from 0.1-1.5% although steel grades contain only 0.1-0.25% carbon. Impurities in form of various metallic and non metallic such as magnesium, sulfur and phosphorous are usually present in the steel , while the manganese have the positive effect as it provide the durability and resistant power to steel where as phosphorus and sulfur are detrimental to steel's toughness and durableness.

In the present world various type and grade of steel are manufactured to fulfill the varied demands in various sector of the business and its requirement of properties for their application and different grading systems are used to differentiate them according to these properties.

Owing to their chemical composition and the level of impurities in them these are bifurcated into four groups.

Steel Types: Depending upon the carbon composition in them

Carbon steels: Majority of steel produced today to cater the business needs is the carbon steel. Out of total steel produced across the world, 90% account for Carbon steels and they have minimum level of impurities in form of alloying materials.

Carbon steel can be further differentiated into 3 major types on the basis of level of carbon in them.

1.Mild Steels: First one is the “Mild steel” which contains low level of carbon content that accounts for low level of carbon as 0.3% only

2.Mid Range Steel: These are second type of steel produced which contains in them 0.3%-0.6% of the carbon content in them

3.High Level of Steel: These are the finest level of steel produced in the steel manufacturing plant which have carbon content to as high as 0.6%

Before initiating Direct Steel Sales Melbourne, know your customer first. Identify your customer, when it comes to steel sales each company has generally 3 set of customers.

1.Firstly comes the large or big customers who nearly contribute to 8-12% of your total steel sales and then you have mid cap customers who are associated with one company through years but order time and again in smaller quantities of steel and finally who have the customer who buy from you twice in a year due to their huge demand.

2.Steel sales strategy depends on this understanding of the customers.

For further information related to Direct Steel Sales Melbourne contact us, get connected with us now.

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sharlynwilliam001 commented on Saturday, Jun 03, 2017 at 07:34 AM

It's really great information keep posting

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