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Difference Between Standalone & Fitted Wardrobes

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A wardrobe is an essential component of a bedroom that is meant to store clothes, accessories, files and other important things in the perfect organisation so that you can keep your interior clutter-free and easily take out your everyday items. While talking about wardrobes, the first thing that strikes our mind with immense excitement and curiosity is to purchase one that has enough space to stash all our stuff. But you just cannot purchase any wardrobe, since it has sufficient space to accommodate your stuff as a lot of other important things need to be checked before purchasing it such as material, the size of the wardrobe, unique features, wardrobe knobs, etc. The most important among these is choosing the style of the wardrobe, i.e., a fitted wardrobe or a free standing wardrobe. While a fitted wardrobe is one that is affixed into any wall of your home, a freestanding wardrobe is one that looks like an almirah and can be easily placed anywhere. Here we have presented an in-depth comparison between the two types of wardrobes:

1) Space Concern

While a fitted wardrobe is considered to give more space in your room as they do not occupy any floor area and can be immersed in a wall. The standalone wardrobe is a better fit for small spaces as some rooms simply are not designed or sized appropriately for a fitted wardrobe ceiling slopes, doors and windows can be obstacles. While they can fit into small corners more effectively, a fitted wardrobe needs a large wall area to be affixed inside.

2) Decorative

While both a standalone and a fitted wardrobe can add decorative value to space, a standalone wardrobe gives a unique outlook due to its intrinsically carved doors and sides. Moreover, its legs resemble the almirah units which were built during the Victorian era.

3) Mobility

The best advantage of having a standalone wardrobe is that you can easily move it to any other corner of your home as per your convenience. Moreover, if you shift to another home you can carry it easily. But a fitted wardrobe cannot budge even an inch from its place.

3) Changeability

As your life changes, your requirements change too. In a fitted wardrobe, the shelves can be added or re-arranged as per the change of need. For example, you can add a new hanging section to keep your clothes or a new rack to keep your shoes or likewise. Its look can be changed to give a stylish outlook. You can even add a nicely designed sliding door which will add to its elegance. With a standalone wardrobe, you cannot do all these.

4) Easy Maintenance

A standalone wardrobe is easy to clean as it usually has removable parts. Beside this, most fitted wardrobe are susceptible to moisture rinsing from walls during rainy seasons and may harm your stuff too. Apart from this, varnishing would be a tough affair if you have a fitted wardrobe, but with a standalone wardrobe you can simply send it to a nearby furniture store for varnishing.

5) Affordability

Cost is a big consideration while choosing a furniture unit. Adding a fitted wardrobe in your bedroom may be quite expensive. This is because it needs to be installed by a professional which can prove to be costly. Conversely, a stand alone wardrobe can be purchased rather inexpensively.

6) Customisation

Customisation is quite easy with a standalone wardrobe, and you can get it exactly as per your wish. With so many designs and styles available for configuration, you can customise your wardrobe as per your particular taste and decor. This is not possible with a fitted wardrobe, and there are limited options you can explore in them.

Well, we can say that a standalone wardrobe is a more practical option for your home due to the various advantages mentioned above. Besides the benefits that you can get from it, you can surely choose from a variety of designs and styles that will fit your home decor. If you are looking for a stylish wardrobe, visit us for an exclusive collection of wardrobes at affordable prices.

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