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Your Guide to Recovering From Hernia Surgery

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Every hernia patient is different, and every recovery will be different. Having hernia surgery in Surrey at a high quality care facility means you have every chance that your recovery from the surgery will be quick and relatively pain free. Find out what to expect after your hernia operation with this quick guide.

Recovery from Hernia Surgery
Doctors in Surrey tell patients that there will be a certain amount of pain following the operation in the area where the hernia was repaired. This pain is to be expected, and there will be swelling and bruising. And, doctors say, it is not unusual for there to be occasional triggers and pulls in the area up to a year following the surgery. Everyone recovers differently. But there are common timescales and processes to expect following hernia surgery.

First Days After Surgery
For up to four days after surgery the patient should not expect to perform any major activities and should stick to resting at home, walking for short distances, and getting enough sleep. During this time it would be expected that a patient be off work and generally taking it easy.

One Week After Surgery
Hernia surgery in Surrey normally requires at least four days until the patient is ready to return to work, and in that timescale it would mean return to a desk job. Doctors generally advise that the patient only works part-time for around a week, and doesn’t carry out any lifting activities or any strenuous exercise. Most patients will still be experiencing some mild pain, which can be eased with painkillers.

Two Weeks After Hernia Surgery
Most patients in Surrey will return to work after a week and within two weeks. Some people will be able to resume light exercise and activity including walking, biking, yoga, jogging, and going to the gym. There may still be some soreness and stiffness.

Three Weeks Following Hernia Surgery
By week three, exercise and activity rates can be increased and painkillers are not normally required on a daily basis.

Four Weeks Post-Surgery
Most patients are back to 100 percent capacity at this stage and most people return to previous levels of activity and sport. There may be occasional twinges in the area but pain levels should be significantly reduced. Most patients are completely back to normal by this stage in the recovery process.

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