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Common Reasons Behind The Occurrence Of An Reflux
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There are plenty of Acid Reflux Causes that results into heartburn and other discomforting ailments. A medical reason that causes the regurgitation of acidic contents from the stomach into the esophagus is the development of a hiatus hernia. The diaphragm is responsible for keeping the acid inside the stomach but a hiatus hernia creates an anomaly that results in upward flow of stomach contents.

Understanding a hiatus hernia

Before understanding this medical condition it is important to separately know the meaning of the terms hiatus and hernia.

A hernia is medically defined as a condition which occurs when any organ gets displaced from its normal position. Most of the internal body organs are enclosed within a cavity. When an organ becomes displaced due to any reason then a protrusion is observed on the outer surface of the cavity.
The diaphragm in the human body consists of an aperture which is called the hiatus. The function of the diaphragm is to keep the abdominal and thoracic cavities separate. This aperture allows the esophagus to travel from the thoracic cavity towards the abdominal cavity. But if a person has hiatus hernia then the stomach protrudes through this aperture present for allowing the esophagus to connect with the stomach. People who have hiatus hernia often suffer from acid reflux.

Keeping away from food products that cause or worsen acid reflux

When a person is consuming food then he/she might have noticed that after consuming certain food products a burning sensation accompanied by a sour taste is felt. This is caused when the consumed food reverts back into the esophagus. People who are suffering from gastritis or have problems in digesting food easily should be extremely cautious regarding the food items are a part of the daily platter. Hence it is better to know about the Foods That Trigger Acid Reflux, some of these are mentioned below:

• Chocolates: One might wonder what a sweet food product has to do with acid reflux. It is important to know that chocolate is made from cocoa beans. The consumption of cocoa products releases serotonins. These serotonins are responsible for loosening up the sphincter muscles present in the lower end of the esophagus which is also termed as LES. If the sphincter muscles relax then obviously the churned food in the stomach can travel back into the esophagus.

• Spicy dishes: Spices when used in higher quantities can cause heartburn from acid reflux. Combining food items which are a rich source of fat with excessive spices is a combination known to cause acid reflux.

• Citric Acid: It is present in lemon, grapefruit, lime, orange etc. As these are acidic by nature so consuming these foods can cause heartburn.

• Caffeine: It is present in tea and coffee and also other beverages and is a very portent source that causes heartburn.

It is always safe to steer away from food products that are known to cause heartburn especially before going to bed at night because sleeping with a stomach full of such food items will easily cause a nasty acid reflux.

Source : https://sites.google.com/site/refluxmdguide/common-reasons-behind-the-occurrence-of-an-acid-reflux

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