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comens cheap plus lingerie Lingerie

Dry cute lace underwear cleaning is probably the easiest way to clean your precious pieces; however, not everyone is comfortable dropping into their local cleaners with a basket full of intimates. Perhaps not such a bad option if you aren’t the real shy type or live in a large town with many cleaners in your neighborhood, but for those in small towns or extremely modest thankfully there are other options.

Hand washing is probably the next best thing. It can be done with a gentle touch and won’t damage fragile garments. If you choose to hand wash, it is best to use cold water to avoid shrinkage. Use a mild detergent recommended for delicates and soak in the sink or a bowl for about 25-30 minutes. Drain and refill with clean water and soak an additional 10 minutes. Gently turn the lingerie with your hand to remove the remaining soap. Once should be sufficient but feel free to complete cycle again for heavily soiled or stained garments.

If you don’t have time to mess with hand washing then machine washing on the gentle cycle is a great alternative. Many of today’s machines offer a delicate cycle that works wonderfully for intimates. Despite their gentleness, a lingerie laundry bag is highly recommended to prevent damage to lace, bows, ribbons, and hooks. Again, use cold water and a detergent specially recommended for delicates. Never use bleach as it can be too harsh and damage the delicate material your lingerie is made from. Remember to separate dark and light colors so they will not discolor one another.

For drying your lingerie, you should hang it up or reshape and dry flat. Never wring out lingerie. If you desire to put your lingerie in the dryer, leave it in the lingerie bag and set to the lowest possible setting.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure you can enjoy your favorite lingerie even longer.

At www.verysupersexylingerie.com you will discover how to look like a gorgeous lingerie model in your well cared for lingerie. You’ll learn secrets every lingerie model knows to accentuate her assets and hide her imperfections…no matter her dress size.

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