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How Effective Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery is

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After trying all the possible non-surgical treatments (including medications and physical therapy), surgery is perhaps the last resort to treat spinal conditions in the neck and back. In the recent times with technological advancements, minimally invasive spine surgery has gained a lot of popularity. Most spine and back pain related issues today can be treated with some aspect of minimally invasive surgery.

So, what exactly minimally invasive spine surgery is? Well, a minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) is a type of surgery that does not involve a long incision, avoiding significant damage to the muscles surrounding the spine. Some of the most commonly performed minimally invasive spine surgeries include lumbar microdiskectomy, laminectomy and transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF).

Advantages of MISS

1.A minimally invasive spine surgery has so many advantages over traditional spine surgery, such as:

2.In most cases, minimally invasive spine surgery results in less pain after surgery and a faster recovery.

3.Due to a faster recovery time, minimally invasive spine surgery decreases the hospital stay

4.Because minimally invasive surgeries do not disrupt muscles and soft tissues, the procedure is considered to be less painful than traditional, open procedures.

5.A vast majority of minimally invasive spine surgeries result in improved preoperative outcomes, particularly less blood loss and less pain immediately following the procedure.

6.The overall costs for minimally invasive procedures are significantly lower than traditional, open procedure costs.

MISS Procedure

During a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure, a small incision is made and the tubular retractor (to hold the muscles open throughout the procedure) is inserted through the skin and soft tissues down to the spinal column. This forms a tunnel to the small area where the problem exists in the spine. Small instruments are used by the surgeon to access the spine. Any bone or disk material that needs to be removed exists through the retractor and any devices required for fusion (like screws or rods) are inserted through the retractor. Depending upon the problem area, some surgeries may require more than one retractor. At the end of the procedure, the tubular retractor is removed without causing mush damage to the surrounding muscles.

It is important to note that back surgery is a serious surgical procedure and should be fully considered before committing to the operation. Depending upon the problem area, your surgeon will suggest to the best suitable type of back surgery in Florida for your condition. Also, discuss all your doubts including the outcomes, risks, and benefits of the procedure with your doctor prior to going for the surgery.

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