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TEA Software Can Detect Click Fraud & Save Your $
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You need to make profit while doing your business whether it’s online or offline. And you know that cutting cost is a profit. So, saving your money is a great way of increasing your profit, right?
Yes, it’s. TEA Software is such a nice tool that can save your hard earned dollars and this post is dedicated to telling you all about this. But before I go to talk about this matter in details, I should discuss the software first of all.

So, firstly, learn about the click fraud protection, and then, you’ll come to learn how the software can help you save your money.

What is TEA Software?

TEA is the abbreviation of Threat and Engagement Analytics that means TEA Software can analyze the real and the phony clicks that are hit on your paid ads. So, this is a click fraud protection tool that can safeguard your paid accounts from fake clicks, thus fake visitors.

This online tool was launched back in 2008. Now, the tool is nurtured by 5 experienced employees. There’s no mobile app available for this tool, and there’s no need of this because it works online.

It’s quite common to see that not all the clicks that we get on our sites are real. There are many fraudulent activities involved with clicks. So, we need to remove the fake clicks from all the clicks by click fraud protection so that we can find out how many clicks are real.

After we detect click fraud, we can then, claim our money back that we spent for those false clicks.

Now, let’s jump into the main discussion of this post, how the software will detect click fraud. So, delve deeper into the click fraud protection by the software.

How’ll TEA Software Save Your Dollars?

In this part, I’ll show you what the software does that’ll actually save your money?

By tracking the visits of robots using click fraud protection

Truth be told, every activity of TEA Software is worth saving your money. This is because it tracks all the robotic visits. This helps detect click fraud. You know that a robot’s visit won’t pay you anything and at the same time, it’ll lose your PPC money.

So, the software always tries to detect whether there’s any robot visiting your site or not. Some robots are from ethical sources such as the Google or Bing spider that comes to crawl your site. This can easily be identified because those robots don’t enter into your site through paid ads.

By tracking traffic sources using click fraud protection

TEA Software tracks the traffic source. This helps figure out which types of clicks are suspicious. The direct traffic of your site might be robotic, but this won’t lose your money because the visitors aren’t using any of your paid ads to do so.

On the other hand, the referral traffic of your site might incur a great loss in your paid accounts. If a fraud click comes from another site clicking on an AdSense ad of your product or service, then this click is wasting your advertising money without providing you anything. The only thing that you’re seeing is a click. If you can’t find out whether this is a fraud click or not, how’ll you claim your money back?

Similarly, an organic traffic is that that comes from search engines tapping on an ad of your product. If only a few clicks are like this, then you won’t waste a lot of money, but if thousands of clicks are like this, then you’re gonna lose a lot of money.

By figuring out all the phony traffic by analyzing the traffic sources, the click fraud protection software can actually save a lot of money of yours.

By tracking visitors using click fraud protection software

TEA Software tracks your website’s visitors so that it can detect click fraud whether it’s Google click fraud or Bing click fraud. This click fraud protection software is very smart in dealing with this sort of analysis.

The click fraud protection software analyzes the pageviews of your web visitors. This can reveal whether a visitor is a robot or a human being. There’s a normal behavior of a human being when she visits a site.

Suppose that a visitor of your site, who came to your site through one of your paid ads, has made a page view of 500! OMG! Is it likely that one visitor alone will check 500 pages or 500 times of your web pages?

This is absurd, so this can easily be identified as a fraud click, thus it came as a robot.

On the other hand, by tracking your repeat visitors, the click fraud protection software, TEA Software, can detect if there are any fraud clicks made by robot or software.

If the same visitor comes to your site by clicking your paid ad again and again, then this can be identified as a fraud click.

Another fraud detection measure can be the spent time by a visitor on your site. If you see that one of your web visitors has stayed a long period of time which is unlikely by a real human visitor, then you can identify this as a fraud click.

In addition, by finding out the unique visitors of your site, you can also find out whether there’s any click fraud involved with your site. TEA Software does all these sorts of tracking and can tell you how many of the clicks have gone in vain due to being fraud clicks.

By tracking content using click fraud protection

The click fraud detection software tracks your content. This way, it can tell whether there’s any fishy clicks came on your site or not.

Suppose that one of your content is getting 5 hits on an average. If the content gets 50 hits in a day, then this will certainly be taken into suspicion. You don’t have to worry about this since the click fraud protection software will let you know whether there are any fraudulent clicks came in your content or not.

By mobile tracking

Like Google Analytics, TEA Software also tracks whether a visitor is coming from a mobile platform or a desktop platform. The software detects the mobile devices as well as the mobile operating system. This can disclose a lot of crucial information that can be used for figuring out fraud clicks.

By monitoring real-time, all the time

The click fraud protection software monitors the visitors of your site real-time. So, there’s no risk of missing any of them. For this reason, I’ve told you that the software is always there to save your hard earned dollars.

You know the importance of real-time monitoring because nobody knows when thousands of clicks frauds will happen to your site. So, an hour is worth monitoring.

Mobile geolocation tracking

This helps to find out where from the fraud clicks are coming from. This can easily stop click fraud from those areas by blocking their IP addresses.

So, these are some of the actions of the click fraud protection software that are taken to secure your paid advertising accounts from fraudulent clicks.

You can ask me one question like this – Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Tools provide us analytics of our sites’ visitors, so what’s the point of using TEA Software?

If you ask this type of question, then nobody will be happier than me because I can handle this question very well.

First of all, it’s true that Google Analytics presents all the data regarding your website’s visitors. But, it doesn’t tell you which clicks of your site are fraud or suspicious. This will only show you the data. After that, it’s your duty to analyze them and find out which clicks are fraud ones and which clicks aren’t. This is actually a hectic task, and you can never calculate this on a regular basis, it’ll surely bore you.

On the other hand, TEA Software brings the data of your web visitors and at the same time, detects and tells you how many of the ad clicks are involved with fraudulent behaviors.

Know that both Google and Bing are both an advertising network and advertisers. So, you shouldn’t solely rely on their reports. You should bring a neutral tool that can let you know the real scenario in a timely manner. I’m talking about the timely status of the software because it comes with updated stats on a daily, weekly, and a monthly basis.

So, you can easily check the click fraud of your paid ads depending on different time periods. This will give you a clear idea about your account’s phony clicks and thus, you can claim for your money back for a specific period of time.

Finally, you can see that how click fraud can take your money away from you. If you start a PPC campaign for a specific keyword for $1, then, for 500 fake clicks can take $500 from your pocket. This can easily make you aware of click fraud and its detection. TEA Software is reliable software that can remain beside you to detect click fraud and thus, save your dollars.

So, this is true that the software can save your money and I’ve shown that in the post clearly. You can learn more about click fraud protection here.

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