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Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper is back!
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If you were scraping off wallpaper at least once in your life you are free to say: no more ugly old wallpaper! Only painting. Moreover, most wallpaper looks so old school, all the patterns look outdated and weird in modern interiors. Who can decorate a nursery with this granny-type wallcovering? However, I am absolutely sure you will change your opinion if you take a look at Phillip Jeffries wallpaper. Well, how can be Phillip Jeffries wallcovering be different from hundreds of other wallcoverings in the world? You just need to take one look.

Just one look and you'll understand everything. I fell in love with Phillip Jeffries wallpaper the moment I saw it: it looked so sophisticated, so unique, and so attractive at the same time!I realized that the creator of this wallcovering, Phillip Jeffries, was a real painter in his so soul. More than that, I fell in love with this wallpaper for the second time when I touched it. It felt so pleasant and so real touch.Only Phillip Jeffries wallcovering gave me this sensation. As if I was touching the leaves of a young tree or sand on the beach. Wallcovering is undeniably, definitely back! Because it never disappeared, it just was waiting for its time. Because wallpaper will always find its customers. Discount designer wallpaper shop knew it almost 40 years ago that's why he created his business.

You can be surprised by my passionate words about wallpaper. The thing is I am an interior designer with 10 years of experience. As most designers, I have my own preferences and my own blind spots. There are solutions, textures, and colors I love and there are others that I use seldom. I was ignoring wallcoverings in design for a long time until I finally found Phillip Jeffries wallpaper. “So that is how wallcoverings can look and feel like?” that was my first thought. I was impressed and a bit shocked. I will tell you more: I was ashamed that I could miss Phillip Jeffries wallpaper for such a long time.I also added: “ Thank you, Phillip Jeffries, for changing my opinion!It happened just in time!”
Today I use this wallpaper in design every time I need to bring comfort, tranquility and natural vibes to the space I am decorating. After several years I created a list of all the advantages of this brand. Here are my 5 arguments.

Why Phillip Jeffries Wallcoverings Are Great?

This is a unique textured wallpaper that is pleasant to touch and to look at. As I said it already, Phillip Jeffries wallcovering provides customers with an unbelievable experience. It turns any room in the house into a sanctuary of comfort and style. This wallpaper is solemn, sophisticated, and beautiful at the same time.
Phillip Jeffries wallcovering is inspired by nature. I think we all agree that natural elements, textures, and colors look perfect in the interior design. Phillip Jeffries wallcovering is not only inspired by nature. It seems it`s all natural.Have you seen Woven Bamboo grasscloth by Phillip Jeffries? Just take a look at Epi Leather! These textures are raw, captivating, and beautiful. Phillip Jeffries probably knew that people feel relaxed and peaceful when they are surrounded by natural lines, curves, and textures.

The variety of colors and patterns is breathtaking. Phillip Jeffries is a real adept in creating unique hues. Moreover, in Phillip Jeffries wallcovering you can see how colors mix together creating unique palettes. Malachite, turquoise, salmon hues are difficult to ignore. And you don't need to ignore it because Phillip Jeffries wallcovering is created to be in the center of attention.Besides, it's better to buy it online.

Absolutely stylish. The style is the synonym to Phillip Jeffries`s brand name. Created in London this wallpaper inherited classical English style elements. This wallpaper could be in the house of Sherlock Holmes or the British Prime Minister. Why not? Think about it.

Phillip Jeffries wallpaper fits any room. That was one of my recent revelations. First I decorated a bedroom with this wallpaper and the result was amazing. Of course, in a bedroom, it looked perfectly. Then I decided that this wallpaper will adorn a living room of one of my clients! And it was a great decision: the clients said that the living room has become a favorite place for the whole family. After some time I found a perfect Phillip Jeffries wallcovering for a kitchen of my lovely client. And the next month I am going to decorate a nursery with this amazing wallpaper. And I am sure, even a little baby girl will appreciate it: the room will look so much brighter and so much more attractive with this wallpaper. Pale yellow bamboo for a girl...

This is, of course, high-quality wallpaper which will last for as long as you need it. You can put up this wallpaper and never worry about it. I would say that it`s a royal quality and you can only enjoy it. And I am not the only one who thinks so.

Who is Phillip Jeffries?

Today, after 40 years passed, London-based Phillip Jeffries wallpaper company is regarded as a business pioneer in the industry. Eric Bershad created this company in 1976. At that time future interior design guru had only 10 grasscloths. Today, Phillip Jeffries wallpaper company can offer you more than a 1000 different grasscloths and a number of hand-made unique wallcoverings.

Eric's incredible enthusiasm for wallcovering he passed to his children Philip and Jeffrey Bershad who now run Phillip Jeffries wallpaper company. Today they are able to choose the most gifted craftsmen to create amazing Phillip Jeffries wallcovering.

The quality of Phillip Jeffries wallcoverings combines impeccably with the desire of the company to give the best to their clients. Basically, the Phillip Jeffries wallpaper vision is to provide their customers with the excellent design. So wallpaper can be stylish and durable at the same time. It can transform your place forever making it more comfortable and attractive. Don't ignore a wallpaper for your decor.

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