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A Guide to Know Different Aspects of Acid Reflux
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Heartburn is typically defined as indigestion disorder. Due to abrupt acid influx in our stomach, burning sensation in throat and chest areas can be felt. This is known as heartburn. If you consume oiled up or spiced up dishes, you are likely to face such problems. However, for pregnant women, heartburn is considered as a persisting problem, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. This article intends to cater information on heartburn during pregnancy. In this article, we shall discuss mainly Foods Cause Acid Reflux Symptoms.

Causes of Heartburn during Pregnancy

Through various researches, it has been found that acid reflux during pregnancy pregnant is caused by various physical changes. Basically, a lot of hormonal changes are noted during pregnancy. Increase in hormonal secretion, especially progesterone, has been noted. This hormone increases gastric acid in the stomach. This hike in acidity level in stomach causes acid influx and burning sensation. The bad news is that heartburn is a common issue during pregnancy. However, the good thing is that it only typically lasts during first trimester of the pregnancy.

Preventing Heartburn during Pregnancy

There are number ways to prevent heartburn during pregnancy. Though it is a common symptom during pregnancy, it can be managed through some effective tips. Here are some of the tips that can help you to prevent heartburn during your pregnancy:

Avoid Cigarette and Alcohol

Instead of going for acid reflux treatment, you should find some ways to prevent heartburn issues. Acid reflux triggers can be managed if you leave consuming alcohol and cigarettes. Both of them are harmful for pregnant women. They not only cause damages to mother and child, but also trigger acid reflux.

Avoid Staying in Empty Stomach

Staying in empty stomach for long time can cause abrupt acid influx. Thus, it is important to consume regular small meals during pregnancy. Overeating is also harmful. Thus small, but frequent meals are suggested.

Avoid Tangy, Spicy and Oily Foods

Avoid the foods during pregnancy which can possibly trigger indigestion. Consume foods that are lesser spiced up and lesser oiled up. If you want solutions for reflux disease causes, then these are the things that you must do. Stay healthy and easy to digest foods.

What to Do When Heartburn Strikes?

If heartburn strikes, during your pregnancy, you should follow a few simple guidelines that are discussed below. There are a few home based tricks, which prove to be amazingly beneficial against heartburn. So, here are those tricks at a glance:

Consume baking soda mixing up in water for instant relief against heartburn.
For healing acid reflux, you can consume apple cider vinegar, mixed up in water.
Yellow mustard is also very fruitful against heartburn.

Last, but not the least, for heartburn relief, several over the counter medicines are available in the local medicine shops. Before consuming any medicine, it is essential to consult with the doctor. Generally anti-acidic medicines are safe to consume and they do not have any side effects. Zantac is such a famous commercial medicine, which renders instant heartburn relief.


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