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Is Frozen or Fresh Fruit Better for you?
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The common view is that ‘fresh is best’, but a new study into the health benefits of fresh and frozen fruit has unearthed some findings that could just surprise you. When it comes to fruit and veg, there’s no doubt that the frozen option tends to be cheaper, but it has been thought that the freezing process could reduce the vitamin and mineral levels of the food. Not so say the experts.
The study

The study, carried out by a team of scientists from the University of Georgia, compared fresh fruit, frozen fruit and a third category of fruit they called ‘fresh-stored’. The final category mimicked the typical time delay between people buying and eating fruit, which was found to be an average of five days. The researchers focused their study on the most popular fruits and vegetables, including:

Green beans

The researchers then measured the level of key nutrients, namely vitamin A, vitamin C and folate, in each of the samples to find the healthiest. While the results were largely the same for the fruit and veg that had been eaten fresh or stored for five days, it was found that the frozen food had the highest nutritional value.

The value of ‘flash-freezing’

While many of us buy our fruit fresh and even have it delivered to our workplaces by services like Fruitful Office, it seems that fresh fruit is often not as ‘fresh’ as frozen fruit. This is down to a process called flash-freezing, which is used to freeze some fruit and vegetables immediately after they have been picked. As a result, all of the nutrients and goodness are trapped at source.

While the food we buy in the supermarket or have delivered is still extremely fresh, there is a process involved in picking it, transporting it from the fields to the supermarket aisles and then taking it back to your home. Although this is done extremely quickly, in that time some of the nutrients and minerals can be lost.

However, that’s not to say that fresh fruit and vegetables are not also full of goodness. While the flash-freezing process can make some nutrients more bioavailable, it can also degrade other nutrients and mean they pack less of a punch.

Eat as much fruit and veg as you can

Regardless of whether you prefer your fruit and vegetables fresh or frozen, it’s important to eat as many as you can. With guidelines now suggesting we should eat as many as ten portions of fruit and veg a day to lower the risk of serious health problems, they should be eaten however they come.
How do you prefer your fruit and veg? Please share your tips with our readers in the comments section below. 

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