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Best Tools for Baling in Early Fall

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Predictably, farmers know there is going to be a lot of heavy duty work harvesting, baling, and moving hay in the fall as agricultural operations prepare for the cooler months. Farmers know they’ll need to have their bale movers and bale spears ready to go and in good repair each year when autumn rolls around. What’s never so predictable, however, is the weather. Unseasonably hot or early frost, excessive rain or drought – these things are left to the whims of Mother Nature.

When it comes to the factors that can be controlled, however, the most important things are having quality bale moving equipment in good repair, and being sure that it’s the right equipment for the job. When it comes to choosing a bale mover for sale, several factors will come into play, including the type, size, weight, and sheer number of bales that need to be transported. Having the right bale mover (whether it’s a 3-point bale mover or another variety) will help your bottom line, keep you safer, and help maintain the quality of your hay.

Another factor you can control is preparedness. If a bale spear breaks, it doesn’t have to halt your whole operation - effectively losing you hours of productivity - if you already have a replacement bale spear on hand. And, once again, keeping bale moving equipment in good repair is essential to your safety and productivity on the job. Be sure that you inspect and clean the equipment thoroughly, and perform any necessary repairs before beginning work. We can’t control the weather, but we can do our best to be prepared with the best equipment for the job.

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