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Consider Before Undertaking a Myanmar Trip

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Are you planning your next vacation? If yes, I would personally recommend you to visit the enthralling Southeast Asian nation, Myanmar. Although the country did remain out of the sight of tourists for a long time, after the advent of democracy, it opened its shores and welcomed people from all across the globe.

Starting from luscious landscapes to majestic hills and cascading lakes; the breathtaking natural beauty of Myanmar has the potential to win hearts of everyone. In addition, the exclusive traditions and cultures, enriching history, scrumptious cuisine, exhilarating outdoor sports, and prominent tourist places are some more reasons for which an increasing number of individuals are undertaking Myanmar trips lately.

Let us now check out some essential tips that would most certainly make your visit to Myanmar hassle-free and agreeable. Please do buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

• According to top-notch travel agencies that offer customizable and affordable Myanmar tour packages, the early monsoon season is perhaps the best time to pay a visit to this country.

• In the present times, there is no need to go to a Myanmar embassy and encounter elaborate formalities for procuring a visa. The tourists can apply for an e-visa that stays valid for a period of 28 days and could be obtained without any sort of difficulty.

• There are some amazing hotels readily available in Myanmar. Unlike its neighboring countries like Thailand and Laos, the places of accommodation here are quite expensive. However, all of them are known for providing the modern-day amenities and has a massive inventory.

• Although the official currency in Myanmar is Kyat, US dollars are widely accepted here. At present, you can find ATMs but it cannot be assured that all of them would be in proper working condition. So, it would be better if you can carry cash.

• When visiting the diverse pagodas and temples here, it is necessary to pay attention towards one’s outfit. In general, Myanmar is a conservative nation; thus, go for long dresses, covering your shoulders and legs. You need to enter a pagoda barefoot, thus, it would be better to wear flip-flops as struggling with the laces in scorching heat can be an unpleasant distraction.

• Do not hope to get Wifi everywhere. Most of the times the internet services remain down in the country and it is barely possible to Skype home or use a messenger service seamlessly.

• Tourists would not face any kind of difficulty in terms of communication probably because English is spoken quite widely here. Due to the proliferation of the tourism industry, starting from the hotel staff to tour guides and taxi drivers, everyone here has grasped the English language quite well. Locals here are extremely friendly and they would greet the foreign tourists by saying ‘Mingalaba’; make sure to say it back.

The above-mentioned pointers are some of the necessary tips that you need to consider when visiting Myanmar. Taking the stated suggestions into account would surely make the trip enjoyable and satisfactory.

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