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Rhapsody is a highly emotional piece of literary work. Rhapsody of Realities is one of the best-selling daily and devotional Bible study guides which was founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It brings out the best perspective about God’s word every day. The book is published by Love Word Publications located in Nigeria, West Africa. Pastor Chris also heads a megachurch in Nigeria which has many branches all over the world. The book is also available in different languages, and much more are being added to the list. By 2017 the book has been published in 900 languages, and over 250 million copies have been distributed across the globe. This allows for the message of God to reach as many people as possible enhancing spiritual development and growth.

There are numerous testimonies that have been shared by people who engage in Rhapsody of Realities. These testimonies are about the positive impact that they have experienced. There are also many medical miracles happening across the world brought about by the spiritual importance experienced after exposure to the book. This book also comprises Love Word News, a full graphics by Colored Mid-page Magazine which contains latest updates of the ministries programs and works around the world.

Pastor Christ also engages believers through online one on one conversation and answers any questions posed to him. There are also several online conferences through this platform, mostly aired on television stations available all around the world to reach a significant number of audience. The impact of this spiritual journey is felt all around the world. People also send out their questions and experiences to subscription magazines. Their questions are answered in the next publication edition, and their testimonies are published for others to read.

Pastor Chris has outlined several valuable and useful tips on how to use Rhapsody of Realities. He states that the first important thing to do is to allocate time to read the book. He further says that the best time to study it is in the morning when your mind is fresh as your concentration levels are high. He continues by stating that one should pray out loud instead of mumbling to themselves this helps one to concentrate on the prayer fully. Making a good plan on how to read and apply the contents of the book in real life situation is the third step to this spiritual guidance. Having faith is fundamental to this journey and in following this advice one will have a healthy spiritual life, leading one’s soul to be closer to Christ.

The 2017 edition of the book is meant to bring impact to the people of Nigeria as they celebrate their 57th Independence. 30 million copies of the book were distributed across the whole nation starting from the presidency to football tournaments, in school and churches, hospital and marketplaces, seminars and residential areas. The theme for the year 2017’s reach out in Nigeria drive is to inspire people to have greater dreams. In line with the same theme, community development projects, educations improvement projects, and sponsorships are organized across Nigeria to fulfil the wish of Pastor Chris in improving the people’s lives as well as reaching out to as many souls as possible. He also organized rallies across Nigeria for partners to pray for the country.

Through their testimonies, many people feel that Pastor Chris work Rhapsody of Realities has transformed the world spiritually, as many have given their lives to Christ and much more have seen an impact through healing both emotionally and spiritually. Many also consider the book a good tool for transformation all across the world.

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MichaelLatham commented on Friday, Dec 01, 2017 at 03:32 AM

Got me thinking... will check it out

janehobbs commented on Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017 at 03:39 AM

pastor Chris saved my life! thank you,man of God

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