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Listing Hub And Ways To Boost Your Amazon Business
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Amazon grew into an online retail giant a long time ago, its hierarchy has settled, and the newcomer can take someone's place in the elite only by making incredible efforts. Beginners are often armed only with their products and Amazon listing software, and they hope that this will be enough. Like young and ambitious knights of the Middle Ages, who believed only in their sword and shield, entrepreneurs rely only on the quality of their goods, powerful description and convenient listing hub.
And this is not enough. In order to get into the elevator, which will raise you to the highest level, you need to use some tricks. Some people may consider them as a dishonest playing or dirty tricks, but in fact, it's just a clever using of the features of the system. Similarly, we can say that the Amazon product listing software is a trick and a dishonest approach to the game.
Trick # 1: How to get in the box
On Amazon there are two types of sellers - actually, Amazon himself and third-party entrepreneurs. It is not possible to compete with Amazon even if you have Amazon bulk listing software, perfect items, a team full of professionals and magic stick, but you can get around competitors by getting into a buybox. Buybox is a small area in the right corner of the screen, which shows the best offers for the desired product. Statistically, 82% of purchases are purchased through a buybox, so if you do not sell goods made by you, you have to put aside the choice of a new listing hub or a new design for the goods, and seriously take up the optimization of your account.

Make sure your price is in the best range for the buyer. You can often see that the goods in box are more expensive than the goods outside of box, but the trick is that Amazon considers the total price of the order - that is, the price of the goods + the cost of delivery is taken into account. Customers usually don`t think much, especially that 70% who are mobile-shoppers.
Amazon product listing software is, of course, good, but you never get to BuyBox if you use a free account. Pay a few dollars for a subscription - believe me, it will pay off in the future.
The quality of delivery plays an equally important role. The less the buyer has to intervene, and the fewer problems arise, the higher the probability of ever being in BuyBox. Keep in mind that you will have to use Amazon product listing software or other software to keep track of the quantity of the product. The more often you run out of goods, the less chance of getting into the buybox.

The seller's rating must be at least 90%. This is a rather problematic point, which includes both delivery, listing hub, and communication with customers, and much more. Remember that you need to maintain this level for quite some time - the system is built in such a way that random sellers can not get into the buybox.

Trick # 2: The Gray Zone of Morality
A method that many of your rivals will find unacceptable is the cunning use of ASIN of a product that sells well. Before you use it, make sure that your Amazon bulk listing software is properly configured and ready to go.
The essence of the method is that you have to determine the pool of goods that are already selling well, and may be in demand by your audience. After that, find the manufacturer of the item and calculate the final cost of this item for your clients and calculate if your listing hub is ready for additional burden. Look at BuyBox for this product, and if the total cost for your customers is at least one cent more profitable than the offer from BuyBox, contact the manufacturer and negotiate the deliveries and get the Amazon listing software if you don`t already have it. Even if the price is not more profitable, you can negotiate an exclusive contract with the manufacturer - after all, you are not selling only on Amazon. Then check your multi channel listing software to be configured correctly.
Trick # 3: Amazon bulk listing software is not enough
Each seller considers the presentation of his goods a matter of honor, but almost all forget that the struggle unfolds not only in the sphere of goods, but also in the sphere of coupons. You do not need to use the listing hub to work with coupons, you do not need to worry about the delivery of coupons, but these coupons can build the success or failure of your company.
Coupons have their own ratings, similar to those compiled in BuyBox, and the audience is almost limitless. Every morning a huge number of people who are looking for an opportunity to buy something cheaper, go to the tab with coupons and view the most interesting offers. If your coupons are high enough in the ranking, not only your target audience will know about you, but also those people who in the future can become a part of this audience. A multi channel listing can not help you optimize the work with coupons in the case, so you have to configure this system yourself. You can use the system to get a place in “Coupons` BuyBox” - if your coupons offer slightly more attractive terms than those in the top, you will get a huge number of buyers.
If the multi channel listing isn`t news for you, you could be interested in discovering some things about selling on other marketplaces such as Overstock.
Trick # 4: Slow Down Time
Amazon listing software can significantly relieve your work schedule, you do not have to count manually . Working with data will be much faster, and you will have more opportunities to solve other problems. If you do not like the option with this software, the listing hub can take care of this.
Most likely, you work not only on one trading platform, so the most logical choice is to use multi channel listing, but if you specialize exclusively in Amazon, companies like Omnichannelhub have special software for working with this trading platform.
The tricks described above are not a violation of the rules of the trading platform; rather, they simply show the directions in which most sellers do not work. As practice shows, the use of Amazon's listing software and other features that lie on the surface gives some effect, but this software must be combined with not obvious business.

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