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Get Click Fraud Detection before you get Bankrupt
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Fine-tuning your ad campaigns is now way more relaxed and optimistic with TEA Software. It is a class software tool that guides you in the path to make most, out from the advertisement efforts that you put in.
With the lines blurring between the real and the virtual, ads are going its way to the electronic media set at a much faster rate than the earlier pamphlets would have had. Passing from hand to hand at a snail's pace, as compared to the today's lightning rapid technology speed, the ads are spreading their wings to take on to the endless skies.
Ads have hardly changed in their appearance, but the styles improved over time. They used to be in the form of banners, paper leaves, posters, earlier, while even today they are somewhat similar except for the fact they are now in a softer media. The key players in the ad industries include the owners, advertisers, advertisement and the visitors.

The task for advertisers is created by the owners. The owners may be producers of some product, maybe a service person. The services or products that they offer are carried to the end customers through a means known as the advertisements.
In the world today, the owner cannot himself focus on creating a product, in the same time find the suitable customer from the crowd, deliver the product and still be able to meet the target of profitability and grow further. Well if he is a superman he might!
The fact is that while doing so, by no middle-men involved, the pace slows down a lot. With specific persons available, product owners leave the task (to get the public known of their product) to a specialized group called the marketing team. Who further the owners’ products to advertisers who make it to the prospect.

The advertiser role aims to get the product or service reach maximum prospects. They wrap the product info in interesting short videos, posters, banners, images and circulate it to various platforms which excel in getting the ads to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of net users.
The advertiser can foul play with cheap tricks fooling the owner saying that he had had the product reach a considerable count, may be knowingly or unknowingly, using click fraud detection. It will be hard for the owner to figure out the foul play.
The owner makes use of tools called the analytics. The analytics in modern scenario serves as eyes for them to get into the depths of leaks, stains which cripple the system. Click fraud monitor has a key to problems; the powerful analytics that tea offers can get you right from the roots.
Advertisements are channels through which the owner's product or service find a place in the heart of the customers. When stuffed with characters and a story packed up in the form of a small image, video or an audio they reach masses and make their place into the minds of the prospects. Without the ads, it is as if more of confinement that the products feel rather than being thrown open into the limits of the endless sky.

Visitors or prospects
Ads could reach only a few tens of hundreds of people at an age the computers were getting their size and shape right from the big football field sized machines to now Palmtops and even our intimate smartphones. The places differ.
These poster ads used to be on some street corners or in areas of mass gatherings where ads were in the form of banners, or large posters. While the ads turned electronic, the visor base too increased as they lose their physical entity to the virtual.
No one knows the visitors; even they won't realize the guy is standing next to him when it comes to the electronic media, as used to be years when people could go in now folks to public gatherings. To make matters even worse, visualize something that can create or fake visitors. That's what happens in the world of online ads today.
The poor advertiser won't even know that he is being fooled upon. The TEA Software specializes in helping you segregate the fake from real and to determine to click fraud detection. Visitors, our customers, are core to the advertisement business.

Change in games
As things improved with the pace of technology, so did the frauds too. It's true that a foolproof system cannot be created. The crackers can always sharpen their skills to sneak into the system and turn the tables. In this game, it is way too hard for the product owners to get their hands on to hold back the horses of the ad system.
Reins tend to slip with the frauds hidden in the order. The tea analytics can help you get to the roots of the click fraud like that of the click fraud monitor, trick of clicks; the made-up traffic, fake user engagement, the made-up conversions and hence collapsing the entire ad campaign efforts piece by piece.
-        Click Fraud Detection
The online ads are always made interactive to be able to get the tracking parameter. If you keep an ad banner at a busy junction and try to get a count of people who went through that ad, even with a paid effort, it will be hard. So the clicks found their places in ads. If a prospect is fascinated and wants to know more about the announcement, he clicks on it and is taken to the product page and gradually might lead to his buying the product.
There are lot many scripts (pieces of software code) out there, that can mislead. Posing as a fake user, the might emulate click fraud monitor on the ad, and there is hardly any way to figure it out. It is an excellent click fraud monitor gets you things correct from the grassroots by continually monitoring the user behavior to unmask the fake user and get you accurate numbers in analytics.

-         Dummy traffic
The way it's possible to create fake traffic, the similar way the web traffic can be routed from a different source, a different context. Finding the right client, behind the scenes, is infeasible. What if a competitor creates a malware to get the traffic faked by scripts, then the analytics might blind food you with an exaggerated number and your conversions.
The returns that you expect from the campaign will be plummeting at a much faster pace ending up in the advertiser looting your hard earned money without your knowledge. The Tea software arrests fake users by tagging them as threats so that they are never able to raise their hoods up. Hence, the Tea Software cleanses the ad campaign efforts of the miscreants for you; it helps with click fraud detection.

-         Hoaxed engagement
With fake impression given by the analytical tools, you get drained off, with your efforts and might even want to switch off the business. Tea software realizes the hard efforts put in by you on the campaign. Each prospect lost is a pinch in the wallet. Taking on the user engagement as a spy, The Tea Software sets the figures right and gives you better pictures in the area that need to be focused more, to get the revenues back on track.

-         Duped sales conversions
The main idea behind advertisements is to get you the right customers. The investments in the ads need to ripen and pay you at a point in the long wrong. As the period is more, fruits of the investment seem challenging to ripen.
To get where the right customer came from, the owners usually introduce a field labeled “From where did you hear about us” and with the drop downs hinting you “from ads,” “from friends” etc. The from ads field are the ones that are the fruits of the investment made into the ad industry. TEA Software helps you in monitoring your ad activity closer and even predicts sales conversions up front leaving the controls back into your hands to decide the track in which further investments are required in ads channel. It is a great way to click fraud monitor.

-         Finely tuned ad campaigns
Tea software helps you optimize your ad campaign by helping you remove the ad words that do not perform and thus maximizing the revenue by patching up the pocket leaks. Frequent monitoring of the ads with the click fraud detection helps you get the ad revenue back to the expectations.
And all happy back again, the customer, the owner, the advertiser. All roles are paid for the efforts that are added in. With detection of fake users, the threat score against them is continuously increased by the Tea Software. Hence, Tea Software safeguards your interests and your wealth from the possible loopholes.
Now that you get a clearer picture of thing involved in the ad industries you are either ready to begin a business continue with existing one or stop a non-profitable one. Tea Software is the one that makes you decide that and not the fake heartless scripts. Then why wait? Grab on your companion, The Tea Software, soon before you get bankrupt by the frauds.

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