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City Deliveries and Public Transportation Services
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Delivery orders and public transport just got a whole lot easier in the cities of tomorrow...

Here are some of the improvements of travel and delivery services that you can expect to see in your near future:

Drone Takeaways

Fast food just got a lot faster thanks to innovations of the future, as your takeaway meals could soon be delivered by drone. So instead of waiting on a biker caught in traffic or a cyclist’s pedalling abilities, your future meals will be speedily flown in by drones. In the future drones are destined become more deeply ingrained in modern life and seem to have many nascent applications in areas such as delivery, military reconnaissance, espionage and leisure.

Flying Uber Taxis

Uber has recently partnered with the plane manufacturers Embraer and Bell Helicopter in the hope of providing flying taxis for the future of taxi services. These new taxis will be environmentally friendly in causing 0 emissions and aim to take off and land with minimal noise pollution. Uber taxis like these could be up in the air by the year 2020 but they will have to convince the aviation authorities of their safety first....

Hyperloop Goods Transportation and Smart Containers

Cargo of the future will be transported by the hyperloop train (see below) in smart containers that know their contents and their final destination. The hyperloop will move goods at a rapid rate saving a lot of time for shipment deliveries. The transportation containers themselves will also reduce the risk of human error, making sure things get where they are needed and are not lost in the post or something...

Hyperloop Train

Edinburgh to London in 50 minutes? Sounds unbelievable right? Well travelling at supersonic speeds of up to 700 MPH, the hyperloop train, funded by Sir Richard Branson, will quickly get you to your goal destination. This hyperloop project is estimated to cost Virgin a hefty sum of 700 million dollars. The design has also had noticeable input from the renowned engineer and inventor Elon Musk and involves the use of transport pods being propelled through a near vacuum at high velocities approaching the speed of sound.

3D Express Coach

Also called the “straddling bus” this is a new Chinese design aiming to renovate the modes of public transport. This bus is elevated over two car lanes of traffic and is positioned on rails to effectively bypass the other cars driving below. This will hopefully ease congestion and speed up the travel process for onboard passengers as they experience a smoother journey on their daily commutes to work.

With all these new technologies speeding up the delivery of goods and our daily commutes, which new system of city transport are you most excited about? And which metropolitan system of transportation do you think is most beneficial for your area?

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