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Maximising Office Lighting Maintenance
knowledge Poower

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Regular maintenance of office lighting systems is the best way to ensure all employees receive the proper quantity and quality of light required for them to do their work. Periodic maintenance has several important benefits such as a brighter workplace, increased security and better productivity.

Lighting experts recommend a series of strategies meant to increase efficiency and to help you save money with it comes to operating your office lighting system.
Lamp Replacement
"Office managers seeking to make the most out of their lighting systems while keeping their lighting costs under control should schedule regular lamp replacement," says Nick Reeve from Curchod & Co.

Managers can choose to instruct their workers to replace lamps only when they stop working, or they can schedule their periodic replacement in small groups of fixtures, such as all lamps on one floor, in one go. Determining the right relamping strategy to suit their facilities' needs is one of their biggest challenges.

There are several good reasons why managers should consider scheduled lamp replacement. Lost worker productivity is one of these reasons. As lamp changers do their job, the other employees either stop or slow down as fixtures in their vicinity are opened and lamps replaced.

Scheduled relamping has several other advantages, but the first and foremost one relates to work interruptions. Managers should consider starting the relamping operation from areas that are the most vulnerable to disruption.
Many facilities ignore the need to maintain the cleanliness of light-reflecting surfaces and lenses. Although dirt affects light levels, most managers overlook including fixture cleaning funds in their budgets.

The easiest way for employees to clean light fixtures is to wipe their lenses and reflecting surfaces when replacing tubes. Thanks to strict smoking regulations, today's office environments are much cleaner, so cleaning these surfaces when replacing lamps is usually enough.

These surfaces can be easily cleaned with a soft cotton cloth. However, the worker needs to constantly turn it to use a clean surface. If needed, the cleaner can use a small amount of anti-static solution or laundry fabric softener to the rinse water.

Businesses that hire third party contractors to secure their lighting maintenance can benefit from a series of improvements. For instance, lighting management contractors clean fixtures as they replace lamps. This is hard to achieve with in-house employees.

The most appreciated benefit is that outsourcing allows in-house maintenance staff to take care of their other tasks. In addition, outsourcing can prevent accidents resulting from in-house staff using lift equipment. Moreover, it can eliminate the need to buy and store lamps and accessories, as well as the cost of recycling old lamps.
Identifying High Costs
By tracking lamp usage, managers can determine various system problems such as high voltage and vibration, problems that can shorten the life of lamps.

Workers have to be careful not to touch the surface of halogen or incandescent bulbs, because oily fingerprints can cause uneven stress, determining the glass to crack.

Screw-base-type compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) can help reducing labor, thanks to their very long life - up to 10,000 hours. They don't require external ballast and they fit the incandescent lamp sockets.

Whenever incandescent lighting is a must, managers can help increasing the lamp life by using 130-volt rated lamps, which behave very well in higher-than-normal voltage situations, or by setting up a light dimmer control for each group of incandescent fixtures. A lamp that's not exploited to the full will have a longer life than one that works at its maximum allowed voltage.

Maintenance and engineering managers have a wide array of viable options when it comes to improving lighting system maintenance and keeping labor costs under control. The biggest challenge for maintenance and engineering managers is to discover these opportunities that can help them make their organizations more productive and more profitable. Improving the workplace productivity is one of the ultimate goals of all company owners, shareholders and managers, so there's no wonder reducing labor costs is one of the top priorities of all organizations, regardless of their size or area of activity.

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