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Botox Certification

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A Kind of Local Story

How long have you lived in the Effingham County area? Do you still find the countryside vistas beautiful? I’m a newcomer and I moved here for a nursing job, but my friend Jeff’s (sorry, no last names) been here forever. He refers to his land as “peach perfect”. It’s not just the view from his spot in Guyton that’s peach perfect; he’s also got a peach perfect life with a peach perfect little gal. He doesn’t have one actual real peach on his property at all, though. He’s got as much work as he does peaches too.

I like Jeff; he’s a stand up guy. He lets me use his tractor, and his power tools and he doesn’t expect anything in return. His gal likes him too. Likes him enough to carry the mortgage on the perfect place over there in Guyton. I should probably call her by her name, Gale. She used to be a big shot in the city doing “Medical Aesthetics” and she sold her place there and moved down here last year.

Medical Aesthetics
Anyway, you wouldn’t believe what “medical aesthetics” are and how Gale got out here to little old Effingham (and hooked up with Jeff). She’s a nurse like me, and ten years ago, she completed a “not expensive” training course to learn her new trade, got certified lickity split, and then set up shop in a small plaza in the Atlanta burbs. At first she thought she was going to go bust, and so did her friends. In her first year, she ended up in the red. Business was a trickle. She still had a roof over her head, but with debt climbing, she did the unthinkable; she invested more from credit into her business. I think she bought lots of ads and highlited her solid reviews.

Not sure what she said the name of her place was, maybe the “Botox by Gale”. In any case, her business took off after that last gasp of her line of credit. Even in the state of the market in those times, and the fierce competition in Botox-related services, Gale’s business grew exponentially. She credits her hard work and positive feedback that had accrued due to her professional nature and solid understanding of how the body works.

Big Business
Botox and other related services are big business! There are tons of reputable schools of “facial aesthetics” out there now, providing training at all major centers. If you’re already in a health-related field, you go there to get certified and tada! You’re on your way. The way Gale tells it, facial aesthetics or botox certification is as close to a legit “get rich quick” scheme that I’ve heard of. Its legitimacy comes from how easy it is to show demand, how the training is offered to folks already trained to be health professionals, and, the big one, it’s hard work.

I believe that there are no free lunches, but now I’m convinced. I don’t want for much, but it sure would be nice to work my acreage with my own tractor, instead of Jeff’s. I’m fixing to find the botox certifier closest to Effingham, and get started.

If you’re also in effingham and you’re reading this and you know where I can get started, please leave a comment or however that works on this website. I look forward to sharing my story and advertise in the herald once I am up and running.

God bless.

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