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Tooth Restorations

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It’s Finally Time: My Personal Story

Anyone know where I can get dental restoration work done in Effingham County? I came across this thing while down a wikipedia rabbit hole, and I now feel like the poster boy for it! Also called dental filling, the wikipedia article basically lays out dental restoration like so: our teeth can be eroded and have parts fall off and dental restoration is the process of filling the holes left by whatever caused them. I’d encourage everyone with a story like mine to explore this option as a possible solution. It looks promising. Before I go ahead, though, I want to learn as much as possible, good or bad, from local people who’ve done this. If you have a success story to share, all the better. Thanks in advance!

My Story
Twenty years ago until now, I brushed once a day. I probably should have brushed more, because I am addicted to the white stuff; sugar! I visited my holistic dentist as regularly as was permitted by my dental plan from work. It was about every 9 months. A visit usually consisted of a cleaning, an occasional x-ray and the obligatory lies about flossing before I was on my merry way. By the way, I was right about flossing.

My dentist knew his stuff. Very knowledgeable guy. And, he warned me for nearly ten years that I needed a mouth guard or something to protect my teeth from the intense grinding that occurred as I slept.

One time, I did follow through and got a mouth guard molded by an orthodontist, but it made my nights insomnia-laden nightmares. I just couldn’t stand it, so the grinding continued to take its toll. From time to time, I would get intense tooth aches, which signalled an exposed nerve on one of the more grounded-down teeth.

A few cavities later, my mouth feels like it’s been through a war or a really intense hockey season (RIP Thrashers). And, I feel partially responsible. What I’m fully responsible for is taking action to mediate this horrible state of oral affairs. I’m seeing someone to get busy on the solution now!

Where to go from here?
A friend of a friend went and got work done on his teeth at a good place in Atlanta. I found this place in Marietta. But, I wonder how one goes about getting this done in Effingham. I am looking for anyone who has been to any of the places, maybe in Springfield, for this kind of work. I’d like to hear about who offers the most professional, QUICK, effective service in tooth restoration.

At 49, I am too young to have this mouth problem ruining my bachelor’s lifestyle! I know there ain’t a lot of “swiping” going on in Effingham County, but I’d still like to go out dancing with my lady friends from time to time, and not let my teeth get in the way of what could be a magical evening.

Thanks for reading my article here, and thanks in advance for any tips you can offer. In all my days living in this great county, it’s the generous, good people that have led me to stay put and never pine for any place but Effingham.

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