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Foot Patches

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A Boost to any Detox or Diet

Have you ever heard the expression that starts off with “it’s the little things…?”

I have. It’s one of those maxims that has always seemed like common sense to me. When I am doing any job around the house, or in the yard, I never neglect the little details. I feel like the little details, the organizing of small objects, decorations, and the removal of small blemishes is strangely satisfying. I feel like the “little things” are sometimes overwhelmingly more meaningful than the big things. But, that’s just me.

My Health Regimen
One big detail I find to be essential in my life is my health. As a woman, I am likely to live longer than my male friends. And, with the daily advances in medical fields, even the least health-conscious among us will be able to keep pace with regular exercisers and dieters. My healthy lifestyle assures for me that all my days will be good ones, in terms of how my mind and body feel, and what I am able to do.

I don’t have to tell any of the ladies or gentlemen reading this in Effingham County about diets. Like everywhere else, we are inundated with diet recommendations in the media, as well as a popular culture perpetuated in our media that leads us to diet fads like a horse to water. I’ve gone down several diet roads, only to find failure. On fad diets I lost little weight, and never found the feeling of wellness I so desperately sought.

I eventually landed, like, I think, many of you, on a sure thing. Low-carb, high fat and medium protein-type diets. Often referred to as “ketogenic” or “paleo” diets; the eating of lots of fat, a little protein and no carbs (or, as little as possible outside of vegetables) led to more energy, maintained healthy weight and positive mental outlook.

The little things
Aside from an overall diet and exercise plan, there are small details in my schedule that have a huge impact on my wellness. Some I do not want to get into here on the Effingham Herald website, but others I just have to share! Here are my top two little miracles:

1. Cleanses - There are lots of good ideas for cleanses, colon and liver especially, on this website. But, what I am the biggest fan of is the Dr. Oz 48-hour weekend cleanse. These cleanses, also referred to as detoxes, add to the overall healthy feelings of your day to day. I strongly recommend.

2. Foot Patches - these little things are what made me write this post today! They are small, but belong in the title of this article due to their immense impact on my health. There’s far too much information to get into everything, but I put one of these on each foot once per day, and the results are amazing. If you are at all exposed to, or worried about toxins or heavy metals in your environment, these patches drain them from your body. I get mine from this website. I think they're made in Japan.

That’s it. That’s what I had to say today, Effingham County, GA. For all of you struggling with health issues, a weight problem, or with a stressful and depressing psychological state, I tell you: there is hope. Make a big change in your life, but focus on the little things too. Some can make all the difference.

Related: http://www.bodypure.us/Foot-Patch-p/bodypure2x.htm

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