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Databases Contribute to Performing Social Media
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Every website run on databases and the social media websites are no exception. A social media website differs from other sites because of its use because it provides a platform for information exchange and communication. However, the underlying architecture of all websites, based on databases that form the heart of sites regardless the manner of use, is the same.

All information that the website handles is stored in databases that act like warehouses. For retrieving any data, just send a query to the databases to fetch it. A high volume of information or data exchange takes place on social media websites that use robust databases. Most of the databases use Oracle, SQL server and MySQL technologies besides many others. For smooth operation of the databases without any data loss, here are some aspects of the database that you must pay attention.

Expected capabilities of databases for social media websites

What you expect from the databases helps to determine its features. It should include the following.

• There have to be proper backup systems to ensure that all data remains recoverable in the event of any crisis that renders the data inaccessible.
• The DBA must have the capabilities of monitoring, auditing and receiving alerts from the databases of the social media.
• The system must be easy to operate, and it should be useful too.
• The system should allow administrators to decide the course of remedial measures necessary in case of discovering bugs in the structure code of databases or the data and let its repair.
• If you want to support a growing social media website, the system should have high levels of scalability, fault tolerance and performance.

Scalable databases

To succeed with social media websites, you have to ensure that the databases are capable of accommodating the ever-increasing data volume. As users of social media websites keep multiplying rapidly, this is an important aspect to consider. The scalability of databases depends on the ability to handle the number of requests (queries) per second, and this can run into millions that the system should be capable of handling without any problems. Scalability is an essential feature of databases used for social media websites and to create it you can use the read-scalability strategy.

High performing databases

Since the user base of social media websites is very large, colossal information exchange in the form of posting information, videos, and pictures as well as making comments takes place every minute. Users expect to interact on the social media websites at lightning speed for which the databases have to be high performing. It should have a very high response time.

Ensuring high performance

It is possible to enhance the performance of databases by using caching strategies for data reading activities together with buffering technology during data writing activities. It is one of the primary responsibilities of the DBA. Caching reduces the traffic that accesses the databases directly and buffering enhances the backend performance of the website.
Creating the databases by using these guidelines would result in speedy and interactive websites.

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