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Do You Read the Loading Table of a Mobile Crane?

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Many people who need to hire a crane have the same question: how do you choose a crane for a specific job?
Here are some guidelines to tackle what is a somewhat complex topic.

You must choose the crane according to:
- the heaviest weight to lift,
- the dimensions of the bulkiest piece to be lifted,
- the conditions of the ground where the crane will be placed,
- the distance at which the crane must lift the objects,
- the height above the ground to which the crane must lift the objects.

For simplicity, you can always contact a reputable crane rental company, such as www.aphcranes.co.uk, in your area so that they can advise on the best choice of crane.

One of the things that you must know to make a good choice of crane is, how to read the load table of a mobile crane.
Before a crane is rented, transported, used or purchased, the load chart of the crane must be consulted. Everyone, from the crane operator, to site supervisors, and even sales people have to know how to read a crane loading table. Here are some pointers on loads tables:

1. Dimensions and weight - The loading table shows the dimensions of the crane. The load table includes the data for the operation with the outriggers, the weight of the crane for its transport, the radii of rotation and the dimensions of the space needed to operate.

2. Lifting capacity - The loading table shows different lifting capacities which apply to the crane when using certain counterweights, with the outriggers extended forming, for example, a support surface. It also displays the crane's radius. That is, the distance from the central bolt of the crane to the centre of the load.

With this data, you can calculate how to lift a certain load, at a certain distance from crane. The distance is measured from the exact centre of rotation of the rotating platform of the crane to the vertical of the centre of the load. Once you determine the distance, the table should indicate the maximum lifting capacity, and the length to which the telescopic boom must be extended.

3. Lifting heights - As important as the lifting capacity are the lifting heights. For this purpose, a lifting height diagram is usually included in the load chart of each crane, which indicates the length of the boom necessary to lift a load at the distance and height required by the work to be carried out.

4. Boom angle - The table indicates the maximum lifting capacity, for the case of using a folding jib or a fixed jib. The table shows the lifting capacities using various jib lengths in addition to the extension of the telescopic boom. With higher jib angles, the maximum lifting capacity decreases. With a collapsible jib, the angle can be adjusted automatically from the cab.

5. The crane in motion - The table also indicates the lifting capacity in the case of "pick-and-carry" - that is, to move the crane with the load hanging from the crane. Here, the table indicates the total weight which can be lifted with the crane stopped and supported on its wheels with the platform turning at a 360 degree angle, it also indicates the total weight which can be lifted with the crane while the crane moves by itself slowly with the load, with the turning platform at a zero degree angle ("creep"), at a speed of 2.5 miles per hour (4 kilometres per hour), and the radius of elevation of the load, and the maximum length of the boom with which each weight can be lifted and transported.

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