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Click Fraud: Know the Subject, and Know It Well
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Some observers would say it’s stretching the truth a bit to describe click fraud as a “disease.” But “healthy” means your business moves forward every day without serious problems, so anything that interrupting this progress is at least an “illness.” If this weren't the truth, there wouldn’t be “cures” like TEA Software.
Click fraud is described as exploitation, which means you’re being mistreated so someone else can benefit from your work. Words that fit in the same category are “taking advantage” and “abuse.” You are providing resources for someone else to benefit from. In the most basic terms, click fraud happens when another person or a bot (computer program) repeatedly clicks on advertising to create charges that are fraudulent.
This activity targets pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and increases your costs while lowering conversion rates. If you try to analyze your business data, you receive inaccurate information and don’t truly understand how your business is doing. Of course, this also means you don’t know where it’s going, and market prediction is crucial to online-business success.
Some Definitions
Pay-per-click: This model for online business involves placing an advertisement and paying money for each time a user clicks on that ad.
Conversion rates: This number is a percentage of severe visitors to your website, determined by how many people inquire or buy, out of the total number of individuals. You’re converting potential customers/visitors to firm leads and customers.
Click fraud occurs when someone (occasionally a competitor) clicks on your online ad with no intention of making a serious inquiry or making a purchase. Because your advertising costs are based on how many times the ad is clicked on, false activity costs money, with no possibility of gaining revenue. If a computer program or electronic method is used, this produces the same result. When the fraud is efficiently committed, increased costs can drive you out of your chosen market.
There may be another source of click fraud software, one that may concern online businesses even more than a bot or competitor. To grasp this category of “illness,” it’s essential to understand that a publisher in the online world is the company providing traffic and is responsible for the advertisement. This firm acts in a way similar to the publisher of a newspaper or magazine, in that they give the place for you to advertise. Also, they control many of the ad’s details and how it operates in the online world.
Publisher Fraud
To understand how this might be a severe problem, look at a short list of top publishers online. The list includes Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, eBay, and Amazon, among others. If a publisher engages in click fraud, they can increase their revenue, and in many cases, you don’t realize there’s a problem until it’s too late.
When you suffer click fraud software, you’ll usually see clicks on your ads repeated without conversions. Watch for activity from Internet service providers (ISPs) similar. Of course, if you see unusual spikes (increases) in search costs, you should begin to investigate immediately. This also holds true for any significant activity in business performance that you have no explanation for.
This is important enough for you to devote time to uncovering the details about online fraud involving your PPC ads. First and foremost, it’s entirely crucial for you to protect yourself from click fraud software. If you’re having difficulty grasping the concept overall, think of it in primary and traditional terms. Suppose you own a small shop in your community, and you place an ad in the weekly newspaper to attract customers to your walk-in store.
If 100 people see your display advertisement and 10 come to your shop, you’ve experienced conversion in a preliminary form. You have a 10% conversion rate for shop visitors. If five of those purchase from you when they’re inside, you have a 5% conversion rate for buyers. This is a fundamental description of how the process works, but it should help you think of advertising as a tool to get individuals to your store.
Do Something
This is the general theme of this article and many others you may encounter as you learn about click fraud. You can take some steps to reduce or even prevent this activity. There are services available to identify signs of click fraud software. Look into these, immediately. You should always devote time to monitoring user behavior, so you recognize everyday activity and unusual activity. You may also want to use keywords specific to your industry and employ a technique known as a negative match.
Here are a couple of examples to get you started. Assume you sell fencing materials, but you don’t sell wooden fencing individually. Your business is in wrought iron, steel, aluminum, etc. You might want to add “wood” as a negative keyword to eliminate those wasted clicks.
An example might be: your negative is wooden fencing. Your ad won’t appear if someone searches for fencing made of wood or wooden fencing bargains. This is a technique that can be used efficiently, but you must gain experience by using it.
You can also benefit from these unique techniques when you enlist the help of industry professionals, such as those offering click fraud software and shopping cart software that is comprehensive in its benefits.
If You See
As mentioned earlier, you should always be on the lookout for unusual increases in the number of times your advertisement shows on a page of search results. Even the necessary amount of clicks can be an indication of fraudulent activity.
If clicks and impressions increase, but you get no corresponding growth in the number of conversions, you should make sure you investigate. If you page-view numbers decrease in association with growth in click/impression numbers, you should be taking action.
You should also understand bounce rate. If people are clicking on your advertisement and immediately return to the search results page, while impressions and clicks are on the rise, the activity should be viewed suspiciously. Of course, if you just don’t have the time, or want to take the time, to do your monitoring and investigating, you can always turn to specialists.
What you get from these experts is, in a simple phrase, click fraud protection – automated. With professional assistance, you can compare browsing behavior of humans to the action of a bot. With this technology, the software can detect bots in a matter of seconds and block this activity in Google AdWords automatically. You also benefit from a quarterly click fraud report designed to have your account reimbursed.
You’ll also receive the additional protection from engagement fraud. As you’ll learn from the developers of TEA Software, this type of activity is committed by Google itself, and, it accounts for much of your wasted ad-spend. In fact, it’s known within the industry that Google even delays bid adjustments by as much as 18 hours, another way your advertising budget can be negatively affected. If your business is online, you should get all the protection you can. It’s that simple.

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