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What is body mass index and how it is calculated f
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The body mass index is basically a calculation or measurement of your overall body fitness and fat. The calculation also determines the current medical condition or health rank of your body or if your body is a risk of some serious disease.
BMI can be calculated on your own by using different calculators online such as this one BMI calculator by calculators.tech.
A simple equation for the evaluation of BMI is:
BMI = your weight in pounds / (height in inches x height in inches) x 703.
However, such calculations also help out the doctors to gather health information or to deduce the current condition.
BMI test in not 100% reliable or a perfect measure though but is considered one of the important factor.
The reason why it is not perfect measure is that it doesn't directly measure or assess the body mass, fat, bone density, or whether the person is fat, muscular. BMI calculation varies from person to person and body to body but still, it is very good in case of normal bodies or non-athletes.
A healthy body mass index drops in between 18.5 to 24.9. You are underweight if the number is less than 18.5 and overweight if it's 25 or above 25.
It is important in a note that body mass index tells you that might be having an unhealthy diet or it needs more calories than the usual amount being absorbed. Same as if the BMI is higher than the normal rate can be an alarm telling you to control your diet because it might affect critically on your heart, or diabetes. BMI helps a doctor in a way that he will put you on a healthy diet or on exercises in order to remove the risk of diseases.
Having a higher body fat not only causes risk of heart diseases, diabetes or other physical dangers but also increases the amount depression, anxiety, sleep apnea, or inflammation.
Sounds like a good news for your psychiatrist and a bad news for your health rank.
BMI can be a wake-up call for you to stop biting off the cheese and pizzas and start loving the vegan. Exercising and controlling the diet can help you fight depression , anxiety, and many physical risks.
Although BMI is the very first step of health diagnose but is still lacking many things. It is not able to distinguish between genders and BMI varies between a male and female. The body of a female carries more fat even if there is no overweight.
BMI also has accuracy issues if the body is muscular or well toned because muscles are heavier than fat and this may result in high body fat even if there isn’t.
Even beyond all this BMI is still very important and necessary to be calculated.

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