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What is image plagiarism and how to prevent it?
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There are certain things that are not taken in notice even if they are wrong. The reason is just because these are the things that everyone does. Then how and why should it be stopped? Plagiarism is one of those most common traits nowadays. To understand “image plagiarism” it is needed to know the meaning of word “plagiarism”.
What is plagiarism?
Plagiarism is copying down someone else’s work. Not only work someone else’s idea, giving shape to some other person’s work without giving them the credit and bring it out as your own work. Many people think plagiarism is just about giving someone else’s work by putting your name on it. This is not just limited to this. It is much more to the actual definition.
This includes failing to quote a quotation, not putting quotation marks on a quotation. This creates a big impact on a saying. It does not look like someone’s words. It looks like a simple line from a paragraph, just a random part of writing that actually it is not. Even if wrong information is given about the source of quotation then it is also taken into the same meaning. It has to be given a proper reference when you quote something in your writing. Else, it destroys the motive of mentioning the quotation if the reference is wrong.
Not only this, if the words of a sentence are changed but the idea is exactly similar to the original one then it definitely means you have plagiarized the content. It clearly is visible when the idea is copied and the words are changed just to make it look different but good readers can actually recognize it. Most importantly is giving credits to the source of idea and if the credit is missing then it is obvious that the piece has been copied and it has been tried not to give the actual credence.
Now it is the turn of “image plagiarism”:
Image copying is not just, what it is restricted to. Copying the idea, the pictures, the colors, everything belongs to the domain of pirating someone else’s work. To copy images in your document to make it look attractive and put pictures that exactly matches the words you wrote is also a part of copying someone else’s ideas. Without mentioning, the source you have copied the work from is actually like stealing something and presenting it as your own.
How to prevent plagiarism?
It is quite a difficult task to even take care of yourself these days then how can you protect your work from being misused? You should always have the access to the links and to the places where you give your images and must provide a word of it not being copied anywhere. You should always be known to the people you share your work with and must have complete and authentic information about them. The next person or organization taking your work should be authentic and well known in the society. They must have a good reputation so it will be safer for you. For image plagiarism checking there is tool online called similar image checker.

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