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Guided Hunts in Northwest Canada

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Canada's Northwest Territories offer world-class hunting in a wide range of settings, including guided hunts that increase your chances of coming home with a great trophy. Choose your landscape - there's rugged mountains, deep green forest, high desert, and the arctic coast and islands.
Big game still roams free in healthy numbers throughout the Northwest, and not just hunting deer and elk- when you get into the provinces of northern Canada, you can find yourself hunting bison, caribou, mountain goats and even grizzly bears.

Hunts in Northwest Canada – Proper Guide

Guided hunting trips are a popular option for hunters traveling to Canada's northwest regions, especially trips to Hun black bear. Smaller than a Grizzly, black bears have poor eyesight but extremely good sense of smell and hearing - making them quite a challenge to hunt.

There are also three types of caribou in Canada's Northwest Territories, all offering unique challenge to the big game hunter - the Woodland, Barren-ground, and Peary.

Most of the area's Barren-ground caribou - about 1.2 million - live in three large herds which migrate seasonally from the tundra to coniferous forests. Adult bulls shed their antlers in November or December, while cows and young animals carry them much longer, often through the winter.

Outfitters in Manitoba offer guided hunts in the fall to hunt caribou in the barren lands, many of them offering an exceptionally high level of service catering to experienced big game trophy hunters. Base camps and spike camps are located for optimum advantage, so you, your companions and your guide already have a head start on great hunting.

Other Tips and Guide

Hunting lodge and resort outfitters across Saskatchewan have generations of experience in providing sportsmen with superior hunting adventures. The area is ideal for hunters, with hundreds of miles of wilderness terrain, crisscrossed with trails. The lakes, forests, hills and valleys of Saskatchewan encourage a wide variety of wildlife to flourish in the region. Outfitters can point you in the right direction and just let you strike out on your own, or guide you to baited stands to hunt black bear - the choice of adventure is staggering in Saskatchewan.

Guided hunting tours to hunt whitetail deer with rifle and riflescope or moose are available throughout Saskatchewan, booking well in advance of the hunt, so plan ahead - especially with moose, as there are a limited number of tags available each season. But what could be more exciting than enjoying the scenic beauty of Saskatchewan as you and your guide track one of the world's great game animals

More on Canada Hunting

In addition, many guided hunt outfitters operate in conjunction with very well-appointed lodges, offering local tours, ice fishing in the winter, boat rentals and eco tourism activities, so you can make a family vacation of the trip - even if you go off to hunt during the day, the rest of your family can have a lovely vacation in a lakeside cabin at the same time.

The benefits of a guided hunt are many - you're shown the best place to hunt for game, you have help dressing and transporting your kills, and in more all-inclusive packages, you have some to cook meals for you when you're exhausted from a long day hunting game. Guided hunts in Canada's Northwest Territories offer a rare opportunity to visit areas still unspoiled by man, and to bag some of the finest trophies in the world.

Source: https://snapguide.com/guides/install-a-scope-on-a-rifle/

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