New house wooden floor and furniture taste too hea

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1, The new wall or floor, often emit a pungent smell of paint, and remain in the room for a long time, dizzying, very uncomfortable. At this time you can put two pots of brine in the room,lantai terbaik untuk balkoni di uk
paint smell will be quickly eliminated. If it is the smell of paint emitted by wood furniture, you can use a few times scrub tea, paint smell will be eliminated faster.
2, erase the sofa food stains cloth surface sofa contaminated by food, to be cleared immediately. If it is polluted by fruit juice, tea, etc., first wipe the water with a tissue,diy dek kayu mesra alam
then wipe it with a neutral detergent for the kitchen and finally wipe with water. Chocolate and other oily dirt, then wipe with volatile oil.
3, to prevent the yellowing of the wall: the wall first brush again, and then brush the floor, dry the floor, and then brush the original wall to ensure that the white walls. First wooden floor paint finish,dari pengkalan komposit malaysia dan pagar
completely dry and then brush the wall. It should be noted that, after brushing the walls and floors, be sure to breathable, so that various chemical components as volatile as possible to avoid chemical reactions.
4, decontamination of the floor with dirt on the floor, available with a small amount of ethanol mixed alkaline cleaning solution to wipe. The B drunk is due to add ethanol will enhance the detergency.Bakelite floor can also be used to remove dirt. As ethanol can make wooden floor discoloration,Kontraktor Pagar Vinil Terbaik
should first use a small amount of rags mixture applied to the dirt Department, wipe with a clean rag. If the wood floor does not change color, you can rest assured that use.

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