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This is More Than Important. It’s Click Fraud Dete
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Before digging into the details of the most effective way to advertise online, it might be wise to have a better understanding of the keyword in the title to avoid the false clicks with click fraud detection. When you say something is essential, you’re saying this is more than relevant. The basis of the word “essential” is another word - essence.
There are three ways to define the word “essence.” The way it’s used here, you can say the essence of something is “the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality” determining the character of the thing. You might also say essence is the property of something “without which it would not exist or be what it is.” In the food industry and the perfume industry, an essence is an extract or concentrate which is the crucial element of a plant giving it a distinct scent or flavor.
Now that you know what “essence” is, why would you need to understand the quality of your online traffic as essential? To answer this question directly, if you have thousands of website visitors but none of them intend to make a severe inquiry or plan to buy your product, your business does not exist – essentially. However, if you’re sure a percentage of visitors will make that question or will buy, your company does exist. Therefore, traffic quality is essential. It’s the vital factor making you a viable online business.
What lets you enjoy quality online traffic? The answer is simple – click fraud detection. If the vast majority of the clicks on your pay-per-click (PPC) ads are produced by bots, computer programs, or people hired by a competitor to create invalid clicks, you will not benefit from that activity. You pay Google or another publisher each time an ad is clicked on, which eats up your advertising budget without the benefit of return. This is why competitors and others take this action. It’s an efficient way to bankrupt your online business. In most cases, the perpetrator isn’t caught and continues the fraudulent activity by targeting another company trying to make money in the same field.
Make it Stop!
How do you make this fraudulent activity stop? You use click fraud detection. To accomplish this, you must understand how human beings search and shop online. A valid shopper will use keywords in their search. If they’re looking for pillows, for example, they can find many sites having something to do with pads by merely typing in this word in a search engine. The key to your success is to be in a position where large numbers of online shoppers will see your advertisement or some link that takes them to your shop. If you need a maximum return on your investment, then you should monitor your PPC campaign via click fraud monitoring software.
Much of this activity takes place on Google, or one of the few other search engines people use. In the PPC area, advertising published by Google will produce the most activity. This occurs through AdWords, a system from Google in which you bid on specific keywords to have clickable ads appear in the best locations in Google search results. You pay each time your ad is clicked on. Unfortunately, not all of these “clicks” are valid. In fact, the developers of click fraud monitoring software have developed their products and services precisely because of the high percentage of invalid clicks, which advertisers are paying for.
Depending on your publisher to handle this issue is probably not the most efficient way to battle fraud and make it stop. You can have much better results when you work with TEA software.
What is AdWords?
You need to know the answer to this question because a useful software tool is meant to diagnose invalid clicks AdWords. This is a Google advertising program which is usually the focus of every AdWords expert. When you have an agent or another professional providing services which rely solely on this publisher program, you pay for tracking conversions in the Google world. The first comparison made looks at the relationship between how much you spend on advertising and the visitors converted to customers.
But, you could have thousands of clicks on your PPC ads and have none of them come to your site with the intention of buying, ever. This happens because many of those “clicks” are produced by the bots, computer programs, or competitors mentioned earlier. You’re paying for advertising that is not going to work to the benefit of your online store. Choosing TEA Software will produce better results, because it doesn’t depend on Google Analytics or Google Conversions.
Rather, it puts the important focus on providing valid data based on behavioral patterns, allowing you to adjust your bids and improve the quality of your traffic-buying efforts. If you compare human behavior during a browsing session to activity produced by a bot, you will see the difference. With a click fraud monitoring software in place, you detect bots in a matter of seconds, and the software automatically blocks this in your Google AdWords. You will also have the benefit of Google click fraud reports every quarter, which is an important step in making sure your account is reimbursed.
Engagement Fraud
You also have a distinct advantage in click fraud detection. Many advertisers who depend on PPC activity for their online businesses don’t know about this type of fake click fraud, and if they do, they do nothing about it. In fact, if they depend on an agency expert they probably won’t hear this during any discussion or consultation. Engagement fraud may be responsible for more than half of your wasted ad spend! For example, even when the publisher (such as Google) does adjust your bid, this change may not take place for up to 18 hours.
With software providing engagement fraud detection and click fraud detection, your visitor behavior is monitored in real time; then your keyword bid cost is adjusted automatically. You also see the proper changes in ad position, bid geolocation, keywords paused if they don’t perform, and alterations in hourly and daily schedules. Consider it this way: You’re working with the right experts to make changes through the use of technology – efficient technology like TEA Software.
Most PPC experts will devote more time preparing impressive reports on your progress than they will spend on improving your results. Many of them haven’t heard of click fraud detection, which explains why you and their other clients haven’t heard of it. You don’t have to rely on conversions solely from within the Google sphere to improve your campaign. You can make real-time decisions based on behavioral patterns, so you can buy traffic that matches those patterns.
Let’s Review
It may be best to review and summarize at this point by considering the idea presented at the start of this article. You’ve read about the essence of online advertising and why it’s more than essential to focus on quality rather than quantity. But, you might want to widen the scope with a bit of education on the subject of marketing to your potential customers, making those efforts as direct as possible.
Your customers are developed from leads, and they move through an “interested prospects” phase before becoming a paying customer. It’s important to understand that there are levels of engagement, and you should try to apply this concept of click fraud monitoring software to your online advertising. The path, in very basic terms, is leads – interested prospects – customers. Where do you, as an online business, get leads? From many sources, just as a main-street business would. But for purposes of this discussion, your points probably come from people who use specific keywords in a search.
It’s a process, and before anything else can happen, you have to have legitimate leads. Most owners of online businesses advertise their products or services because they want to make a sale now! You’ll be best served by working on the process with the help of efficient software. Use click fraud monitoring software to make sure you’re working with active leads. Don’t eliminate anyone who is in an earlier phase of the selling process.
They become an exciting prospect when they click on an advertisement and visit your online shop or website. They then have the opportunity to become a customer or client. But, if you go back to the leads phase and many of those ad clicks are invalid (bots, competitors) there is no opportunity for them to get to the customer phase. You could be paying for click fraud detection and have no possibility of getting a return on your investment. Why not think about getting back to the “leads” phase if you’re still considering the purchase of this remarkable  software.

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