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All About Double Glazing
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In this compact guide, we will help you understand the amount of money you could save with double glazing, how it works, the real meaning of energy ratings as well as various types of double glazing frames available today.

Double glazing is one of the best ways to reduce energy bills for many households. We surveyed a lot of people and the results suggested that around 40% invested in double glazing in order to save on energy bills whereas 44% of the people invested in double glazing to make their homes warmer. If you are looking to invest in double glazing, insights from our survey can help you find the best double glazing company for your needs. Our survey revealed some valuable insights regarding the double glazing companies used by customers.

We carried out a survey in August 2016 in which over 2200 members participated. We asked them questions about their overall experience with double glazing in addition to their experience with the company from which they bought double glazed windows as well as when they used a different installation company, in the last five years.
Advantages of Double Glazing over Single Glazing
In simple terms, double glazed residence 9 windows have two glass panes that are separated by air. It has a number of benefits over single glazing which is only a single pane of glass.

The biggest benefit is that double glazed windows are better at keeping warm air in which means these are better at insulation which, in turn, leads to lower heating bills and fewer draughts. Double glazed windows also help in keeping noise out as these are quieter as compared to single glazed panes. You will also notice reduced condensation on the window insides on double glazed windows. These also offer relatively better security as it's difficult to break double glazed glass as compared to a single pane of glass.
Saving on Energy Bills with Double Glazing
In our survey, around 60% of the homeowners reported that double glazing made their home warmer and it is one of the biggest differences people noted after installation of double glazing. However, the percentage of people who reported a reduction in their energy bills due to the installation of double glazing was only 36%.

As far as the savings on energy bills is concerned, the Energy Saving Trust reports that households can save anywhere from GBP 75-GBP 100 each year by replacing the single glazed windows with B- rated glass in a three-bedroom, semi-detached house. Replacement with A- rated glass may up the saving to around GBP 85-GBP 110 each year. Double glazing is expected to last for a period of at least 20 years which means households can expect to save anywhere from GBP 1500-GBP 2200 over a period of 20 years.
Different Types of Double Glazing Frames
As far as the types of frames are concerned, there are many different options available on the market today including aluminium frames, wooden frames as well as uPVC frames. uPVC, which is the short form of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, is the most popular type of window frame. As compared to the traditional wooden frames, these can be up to 3 times cheaper. The other advantage is that these frames are durable, recyclable as well as the most energy-efficient frame available today.

These window and door frames can be bought in a variety of finishes and colours and white colour is the most popular option. You can also buy uPVC frame in wood finish. Cleaning it is easy and to clean it, you need to just wipe it down with the help of a soft cloth dipped in a washing-up liquid every now and then.

Wood is another option and it is more environmentally friendly as it is renewable. Some people find wooden frames to be nicer and more subtle, especially in period-style or traditional properties. It's true that you will need to spend more money on timber windows but with proper maintenance, these frames can last a very long time.
The Window Energy Rating System
In simple terms, it is a system that follows a pattern similar to energy rating of appliances. In this system, windows are rated between A+ to G with A+ being the best and G being the worst. All the new windows are required to be at least C- rated as per the latest building regulations.

All the big companies selling windows claim various levels of energy efficiency with some claiming to sell windows with A ++ rating.

We did some calculations and the results suggest that buyers could save an additional 6.5% on their energy bills by opting for B- instead of C or by choosing A- instead of B. As far as the cost of buying a better-rated window is concerned, buyers can expect to spend up to 15% extra on each window. Therefore, you will need to do your own calculations to figure out the best-rated window that makes financial sense for you.

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