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How to Choose Your Colour Scheme?
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When it comes time to selecting a new feel and look for your home, whether it is due to feeling that it is high time for a change or from a new home's bare walls, there is nothing as overwhelming or personal as choosing a colour. In terms of gathering your thoughts and deciding on a scheme, it is not at all like a new tiled bathroom installation - it is, in fact, a very daunting challenge indeed. If you get it wrong, you will either need to bear the cost of making the necessary changes or be stuck with something that you have to look at every day.

How you choose your colour scheme is based on your personal preferences. You might select the colour for your walls and then purchase furniture so that it complements your colour scheme. You might have fabrics and furniture and add colour for complementing them. Your walls might lead to your colour scheme, or another alternative is to have your walls be neutral and furniture where dashes of colour are added.
A colour scheme then needs to be considered
Monochromatic: With a monochromatic colour scheme, tone on tone is used of the same colour along with the addition or black or white to darken or lighten the colour. As an example, with green, there can be bottle green, lime green and pale green that are combined to provide a colour scheme that is quite effective.
With an analogous scheme, colours are used that are close to one another in shade. As an example, yellow is used with orange or green, or blue is used with purple or green. That creates a frequently soothing and colourful palette.
This is a more dramatic colour scheme. Three contrasting colours are utilized, like red-purple, green-blue and yellow-orange. It provides your home's palette with more energy and colour.
Two opposing colours are used by the complementary scheme, like orange and blue to create a high energy, bold and dramatic colour scheme.
How to choose your colour scheme
After you have planned your colour scheme, don't rush off to purchase the paint. After all, wall paints tend to be inexpensive and may be created in any hue and colour you want. The best thing to do is begin with one-off and harder-to-find items like carpets or rugs and furniture. After your furnishings have been selected you can then work on selecting your wall colour.

When selecting your colour palette it is a good idea to begin with contrasts, by choosing something light paired with something dark. If you would like to infuse your room with more energy and colour, then you may want to add something bright as well. What type of impact would you like to make?
Use furnishings to add colour
If pale walls are something you are more comfortable with, then you can always add colour with rugs, accessories and furnishings. When choosing your colours, particularly bolder ones, ensure they are drips and have clean lines. If you have a more subtle style, then you should consider shades that are more neutral, softer and subtle.
Get a good flow going
It is critical to use fabrics and paint swatches to test your colours out. Draw plans of your room out and sketch the colours in. If everything works out on paper, then try to paint small areas of the walls. Purchase sample pots for this purpose.
Contrasting colours
You might want to have a neutral or non-accent colour in an adjoining room, or you might want to have contrasting tones to work with also as long as a semblance of flow is maintained.

Finally, if you really want to your space to be infused with colour, but you still don't want it added to your wall, then there are numerous ways of providing your home with splashes of colour. Your walls can be kept neutral - pale whites, greys, ivories, sands and beiges - and colour can be brought in with flowers, artwork, throws, pillows, lamps, furniture and rugs.

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