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How To Keep Active This Winter

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ummer is easy: you hop on your bike, ride around effortlessly, walk around the park and spend the odd afternoon tossing around a baseball. It’s easy because you’re not freezing your face off, and the ground isn’t covered in slippery snow. For the gym-averse, it can be difficult to find activities that carry over into the winter, and that can help you maintain at least some modicum of a healthy lifestyle. But it’s not impossible, and this article is here to help brainstorm ways for you to keep active without paying a hefty monthly fee to a gym.

Axe Throwing

You want toned muscles and a strong core without setting foot in a gym? That’s right, even the occasional friendly axe throwing competition with friends can do some serious good for you. Working your shoulders, lats and core, axe throwing not only looks badass, but it delivers a serious hit of health as well, even in the winter months. And because an axe-throwing place like BATL here in Chicago is indoors, you can make use of it all year round. Probably the best part about getting a workout here is that you don’t really notice that you’re working out – because of how exhilarating it can be competing with friends, you don’t really pay attention to your muscles working in the same way you would at a gym.


Whether you’re playing hockey or just circling a rink as part of a public skate, this quintessential winter activity builds leg muscles and offers some serious cardio. If you haven’t skated before, there is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it you’ll see why it’s so popular – gliding around on what is essentially a pair of knives stuck in some boots is a fun feeling. If you can attach it to a game, like hockey, you’ll probably get more benefit from it, as the competitive aspect of the game will spur you on to skate faster and harder. If you pair skating, with its leg muscle workout and cardio, with the axe throwing above, which is great for upper body and core, you’ll have a pretty well-rounded winter workout.


This last one has you braving the elements, but don’t fret – the sweat you’ll work up on a hike will warm you up as you go. And while hiking (especially uphill) is a great cardio workout and all-around powerhouse for physical health, it also has noted psychological benefits. If the winter has you stressed out or anxious, head for the hills – literally. They even have a name in Japanese for this kind of emotional, psychological and physical benefit you get from hikes – “Shinrin Yoku”, which translates to “Forest Bathing”.

With axe throwing taking care of your upper body, skating taking care of your legs and cardio, and hiking taking care of your mind, these three activities will ensure that your winter is spent happy and healthy. The gym can be a slog, and its strict monthly payment structure leaves little room for flexibility. Try these activities instead this winter, and save your money for all the new clothes you’ll have to buy!

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