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Septic Tank Installation Available in Southampton

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Most people do not give a thought about their septic tank until they encounter an issue with theirs and then they will call the first septic tank installation Southampton company that appears on their online search. There are many septic tank companies offering their services around Southampton but nothing can compare to the quality of service that South Fork Septic Services offers. Not only does it provide quality service, the company is also available 24/7 to provide emergency services.

Before going to a panic and start calling them it is better to understand how a septic tank works and why South Fork Septic Services is the best septic tank installation company.

How does a septic tank actually work?
There are basically two phases in a septic tank installation – the pre-treatment and the treatment stage. During the pre-treatment the tank stocks the water and sewerage coming from the house and allows the separation of matter to occur. Floating matter, oils and grease forms a scum like a layer at the top whilst the solid matter settles at the bottom of the tank. Biological action within the tank will cause liquefaction and it also produces gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfide. As well as smelling vile, these gases can be toxic in concentrated amounts which is why it is necessary to install a ventilation pipe as part of the system. You can see this pipe usually appear through the roof and as far away from such as windows or roof windows.
The treatment stage involves purifying the pre-treated water and then allowing it to disperse into the environment. This is carried out by the microorganisms which develop within the system. They can consume the organic matter in the wastewater in order to live and develop and once the waste water has passed through the treatment stage, it can simply soak away into the ground.

The most common method for this final treatment stage is shallow drainage ditches containing perforated pipes laid within a thin layer of gravel, wrapped in geo-textile and then a thin layer of soil. If the system has been correctly installed, the size of the tank is right for the house and the septic tank is emptied at regular intervals, living with septic tanks should pose no problem.

The septic tank was originally designed just to tackle sewage waste from any toilets in the house. Waste ‘grey’ water, i.e. water from sinks, showers and washbasins, was directed to a soak away in the ground or very often just left to run off into the nearest ditch. It must have worked during the time when most households had washing machines and dishwashers and when bathing was a weekly affair.

However, these days there is a clear need to prevent untreated waste water seeping into the natural environment.
This is where South Fork Septic Services Inc. comes in. Being in the industry since 2009, it offers efficient septic tank installation Southampton, quality service with exceptional results. They offer services along with the residential and commercial areas throughout Southampton, Bridgehampton and the surrounding areas. They have 24 hours, 7 days a week emergency service and for added convenience, customers can book online.

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