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The channel of SMS marketing has transformed the entire concept of cross-platform marketing.
Words will be insufficient to talk about the power of SMS marketing. Living in a world driven by high tech machineries, SMS marketing is a revolution in the digital arena. No business today can afford to think of not utilizing text messaging.

Fields like banking, retail, schools, entertainment, real estate, and others are benefitting from the most powerful marketing channel.
The rapid growth of this marketing channel suggests that it will further expand in the upcoming days. In fact, SMS marketing has adopted different features that are not to be seen on any other platform. As a result, there is hardly any business industry that has not incorporated text message marketing its benefit.

SMS marketing has forced businesses to leave out all other marketing platforms. It has really left behind all other marketing platforms such as email, advertising, calls, fax, etc. Not exaggerating, but SMS marketing is the decisive factor that determines the success rate of a business today.


Text messaging is a permission-based channel. Before sending any text message, it is mandatory to have prior consent of the recipient.
There are strict compliance rules that text messaging needs to follow. For the US, the government has its own regulatory body and a constitutional law.
Coming back to the question of what makes text message marketing, a one-stop solution for businesses.
Statistics reveal that almost 92% of Americans have a cell phone and each one of them looks into their cell phones 150 times a day, at least.
An SMS also has an open rate of around 91%, which makes it more appealing to the business sector.
Unlike email messaging, text messaging is not dependent on the internet completely. You don’t require an internet connection for text messaging.

Also, an SMS reaches directly to the recipient’s inbox and this suggests that no message will land into the junk area.
SMS marketing is cost-effective, it is lightning quick and above all, it has a global reach.


In order to minimize the spam rate and ensure that no misconduct happens, SMS marketing is abiding to follow the rules & regulations.
The CAN-SPAM ACT 2003 is the monumental U.S bill that has changed the course of marketing across all America. Now, there are sets of rules that every individual has to adhere to. The U.S (Federal Communication Commission) FCC is the regulatory body that governs all the key issues related to marketing.
It is also important to show adherence to the conditions set forth by the (Federal Trade Commission) FTC.
And finally, there is a governing body named as the (Mobile Marketing Association) MMA, which owns a worldwide recognition for its authenticity.


The channel of SMS marketing is so phenomenal that leading businesses are integrating their systems with SMS API.
Integration between SMS API and CRM modules can leverage businesses with the premier feature of mass text messaging. Automated text messaging is no more a dream since an SMS API can allow you to send automated text messages in high volumes. The real power of SMS marketing lies in its diversified options. The features like a call to action, text to win, surveys, text message polls are all modern day additions to the marketing up front.

The channel of SMS marketing has embraced so many things within that the entire business sector is shell-shocked. The recent addition includes Programmable SMS, Alphanumeric SENDER ID, Copilot messaging and the list goes on. Honestly speaking, a business will crumble if it’s not empowering the proceedings with text message marketing. Time to revamp your marketing strategy and start utilizing the channel of SMS marketing.


Just what people say – SMS marketing has unarguably beaten and outplayed all previous marketing channels.
Topnotch businesses are exclusively using the result oriented platform of text message marketing. Try to give it a thought that channels like email, print media, T.V ads, and all others seem to be useless. Only SMS marketing is one channel that can create a quantifiable impact for business organizations.
Don’t forget that other channels lack the feature of automation, but text messaging can be set up for automated marketing campaigns. Millions of budget are allocated for designing marketing strategies and most of it, is certainly spent on SMS marketing. After all, it is known for a great return on investment (ROI).
On logical grounds, we can really claim that SMS marketing has no alternative, nor any other channel is likely to replace in the near future.


In conclusion, SMS marketing is the most disruptive innovation for savvy marketers and topnotch businesses.
Get your hands on text message marketing and seize the moment before it gets too late for you to retrieve.

Author Bio: Mary Elbert is a technology guru with hands-on experience in digital marketing. She prolifically writes for various tech-related websites, especially for sms gateway providers.

While in free time, you will find her surfing the internet or playing musical instruments.

Latest Activity: Feb 14, 2018 at 6:51 AM

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