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Men's Winter Shoes – Reliability and Elegance

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Men's winter shoes according to some designers do not require special beauty and sophisticated style. But it’s not the case.

In this season preference is given to refinement and even elegance in man’s shoes. Even in the cold season men can have a stylish look. If you are planning to look handsome this winter, click here to get a pair of Riekershoes and you will never regret about it.

Men's winter shoes can be either leather or suede. Among the classic models, pay attention to the elegant winter boots on natural fur. They can have an elegant classic silhouette.

Perfect to the bottom of the heels

The design of all footwear can be divided into two parts: bottom (sole) and upper. The sole of winter footwear is traditionally higher and for this reason it sometimes goes without a heel. And even if a heel is present, it is much smaller than on summer shoes.

The pattern on the sole is designed to withstand slipping, therefore, the more different the projections, the more confident you will feel.

When buying winter shoes, you should check the quality of the sole. Winter shoes can be cast, sit on the glue, sewn with thread or have combinations of different types of fastening.

The material used for the upper part of the winter footwear is thicker than of summer footwear. However, the same requirements apply to the material of men's winter shoes, plus increased water resistance and frost resistance.

Inside the winter shoes you can find both natural materials as well as artificial ones. Naturally, in winter shoes with natural fur inside your feet will be warmer.

The size matters

For men, the most common problem is finding shoes of a suitable size. In the collections of men's winter shoes, manufactured in Europe, as a rule, a narrow shoe is used. Therefore, such shoes are not suitable for those with a foot wider than usual.

In such cases, it is recommended buying winter shoes for a larger size and additionally put another insole.

Stability and reliability

Stability and reliability, perhaps, are the main features of fashionable men's shoes. The most actual footwear, which is present in almost all collections, for example Birkenstock shoes, resembles high-quality street high men's lace-up boots with a thick corrugated sole and round bulk toes.

Heavy and aggressive in appearance, these shoes have absolutely no metrosexual ambiguity, which many conservative men consider inappropriate. That’s why for many men Birkenstock shoes are the best option.

The solid and thick soles are especially clearly visible in the autumn-winter 2017-2018 boot models. Since narrow trousers are fashionable nowadays, such a heavy sole balances the proportions.

Buying winter shoes, pay attention to the material from which the top of the shoe is made of. Natural leather is preferable because it better retains heat, feet do not sweat, and the durability of natural leather is much higher than that of artificial one.

Winter men's boots with fur outside, became very popular last season. They look unusual, the fur fluttering in the wind imparts a special elegance to the gait. These boots come with a solid sole and on a heel.

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