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Getting Ready For The Winter

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Tips For The Car Owners

Winter can turn into nightmare both for bmw 328i and Audi Q5 if the car owners don’t take care of these cars in advance. Here are some tips how to do it and what to pay attention to.

Take care of the brakes

The ideal option is to replace the brake pads before winter. The main cause of traffic accidents in winter is a drift, which is often caused by the difference in the braking moments of the wheels. But the training will not be limited to one replacement of the pads. It is necessary to check the degree of wear of the brake cylinder cuffs: after detecting the brake fluid on them, you should take care of it. Do not forget about the replacement of brake fluid every two years. And in this case, the desire to save money on this is, to put it mildly, inappropriate.

Battery: Pros and Cons of Winter

As soon as the first frosts start, many drivers may have difficulty starting the engine. First, check the level of the distillate in the battery, because water has a habit of evaporating during the warm season. After you add water, you need to recharge the battery directly on the car or using a special charger. After bringing the battery to life, check the density of the electrolyte: it is necessary that its index is not lower than 1.27.

Before installing the battery, grease all battery contacts. This advice is extremely important, given the fact that bad contact, as a rule, leads to heating and melting of the wiring. In the end, everything can end in a hot fire in the cold.


To begin with, many liquids for winter have antifreeze properties. That is, they do not freeze even at extremely low temperatures.

Do not buy cheap washers, because the unpleasant smell in the car's interior can be the least of your problems. The fact is that good manufacturers use for antifreeze only ethyl or isopropyl alcohol because these compounds are harmless to the human body. But today you can often find liquids, which include methyl alcohol, which is very toxic.

Do not economize on the new spark plugs. Even if their "mileage" is not long enough to send them to rest.

General tips: automotive longevity

Oil should be purchased in such a way that its viscosity index allows the engine to work without problems even in severe frost. Such oils are marked with 10W30, 5W40, 10W40.

To prevent winter glass from misting, you need to change the salon filter. Some craftsmen manage to wash the old filter, but this is an extreme measure.

In the trunk you need to settle a brush, which will help you to deal with snowdrifts on the car, and in the salon the place of felt mats should be placed rubber mats.

By the way, you can put a winter version of the wiper blades. Rubber mixture, from which conventional brushes are made, can be chafed and cracked in the frost, which will necessarily affect the quality of cleaning the windshield. Today you can buy brushes with winter tires and even heated brushes.

Be sure to choose one gas station to fill the tank of your mitsubishi lancer with reliable fuel only.

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