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The assignment will be in the form of essay or in the form of the report. But there are many another types of essay about which many of you are not aware. Assignments can vary in length according to the subject. There are numerous categories of the assignment with its own structure and feature. Also, there are many Assignment help present on the internet to assist the students in their assignments and essays. Homework helper explains about the type of assignment that the student has to write in their academic life-
• ESSAYS- The format of essay consist of introduction, Body and the conclusion. The purpose of research essay is to answer the question. The essay is short in length as compared to any other. The essay is based on the arguments and the findings.
• REPORTS- The reports are generally based on the investigation and analysis of information, issue, actions and making proposals. There are two types of reports- business report and the scientific reports, the business reports states the information that someone needs to help them in decision making and the scientific report are written which provides information on something that was researched. While writing the report keep in mind that you want your reader to get influenced. Always be clear, precise and accurate with your writing. The format consists of an introduction, methods of experiment, results, discussions and conclusions. To create impressive reports stick to the structure and the format. Mention the heading and the sub-heading with each paragraph.
• CASE STUDIES- A case study requires the in-depth investigation on the subject over a given period of time. The case study involves the presentation of information on a person, situation or an event. An individual needs to analyze the situation or try to comprehend what has happened and why. In the case study, the student can talk about both negative and positive aspects of the subject. The case study has different phases- identifying the issue, relating it to the real world, research, analysis, recommendations, and discussions.
• ABSTRACTS-An abstract is a short summary written for thesis, dissertation, conference, research paper. The purpose of writing the abstract is to provide the brief overview of the topic. The term synopsis is sometimes used instead of abstract. The abstract usually contains the objective, outline of the methods approached and the conclusion
• REVIEWS- A review is close to the critical analysis. It summarizes the content but does not provide any new information. The review is written to attract the reader. The review is drafted to achieve a particular purpose. The review consists of no heading it is just a simple summary with a comment on the quality work.
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