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Investing in Previously Owned Equipment

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Best 4 Reasons to Consider Investing in Previously Owned Equipment

Part of turning a profit is keeping business expenses as low as possible. At the same time, you don’t want to compromise on quality. One way you can reduce operational expenses is by purchasing used equipment for your internal operation. Here are some of the reasons why considering this option is in your best interests.

The Cost Could Be Cut in Half

Is there a sizable difference in the cost of purchasing new equipment versus buying refurbished or gently used equipment? The answer will vary based on what type of equipment you are considering, the brand involved, and the general condition of the used equipment. Refurbished
check side-loaders are basically restored to factory standards and will cost less than their new counterparts. A used loader that is in great shape will save even more. Depending on what you are looking for, going for the used equipment could mean paying half of what it would cost to buy a new one.

You Still Get Warranty Protections

Some people think there are no warranties or guarantees with used equipment. That’s not always the case. Sellers sometimes provide limited protections for their buyers. for example, you will find that All-lift floor scrubbers, even the used ones, come with limited protections that would make a difference if the scrubber needed a repair. Always ask before assuming you have no type of guarantee or limited warranty associated with the purchase. You may be surprised at how comprehensive those protections happen to be.

The Little Things are Already Resolved

You’ve heard a lot about new vehicles sometimes needing repairs to iron out little problems. The same can be true when purchasing lifts, cleaning equipment, and other similar devices for your business. Choosing to purchase a lift or scrubber that’s a year old, has one previous owner, and has already gone through the cycle of having little issues resolved does more than save money. It also means you don’t have to be the one who deals with the down time or pays out of pocket to take care of those little issues.

Operational Expenses Will Be About the Same

In terms of broader operational expenses, used equipment that’s in top shape will not increase the general cost of keeping it on the production floor. You are not more likely to experience more repair expenses or have the equipment down for repairs. In fact, the general performance will likely match what you would expect from a brand new piece of equipment.

If you need to replace some of you aging lifts or other important equipment, don’t assume that buying new is your only option. Talk with a representative and find out if the supplier does offer high-quality used options. As you learn more about those options, there’s a good chance that buying used will make a lot of sense.

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